SAE 2016 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference

September 27-30, 2016

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Connecticut Convention Center

Professional Development Seminars

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Introduction to DO-178C
September 26-27, 2016

This two-day seminar introduces you to industry best practices for real-world software development and how to avoid common DO-178C mistakes. It is intended to present the information necessary to help minimize DO-178C risks and costs, while also maximizing software quality during avionics development. The instructor guides you through topics such as aircraft safety, systems, software planning, software requirements, and software design/code/test. The entire ecosystem of aviation avionics software development will be summarized including DO-178C's relationship to other industry standards including the SAE standards ARP-4761 for Safety and ARP-4754A for Systems Development.

ARP4754A and the Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems
September 26-27, 2016

This seminar provides an in-depth presentation of the guidelines introduced in the revised recommended practice for aircraft and systems development as well as the critical concepts used in aircraft and systems development processes for certification. The aircraft/systems development process and its interactions with the safety, hardware development and software development processes will be discussed along with the incorporated changes, with special emphasis on new material and development concepts. Additionally, the relationship and key interactions between the aircraft/system guidance material established in ARP4754A and the guidance material in DO-254 for hardware and DO-178B for software will be reviewed to ensure attendees gain insight into the expectations being established for aircraft certification.

ARP4761 and the Safety Assessment Process for Civil Airborne Systems
September 28-29, 2016

This course provides the guideline information for conducting industry accepted safety assessments consisting of Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA), Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA), and System Safety Assessment (SSA). Discussion on various safety analysis methods needed to conduct the safety assessments is included. Safety analysis methods including Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Dependence Diagram (DD), Markov Analysis (MA), Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Common Cause Analysis (CCA). CCA is composed of Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA), Particular Risks Analysis (PRA), and Common Mode Analysis (CMA) and will be covered in this seminar.

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