SAE 2015 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition

September 22-24, 2015

Seattle, Washington, USA

Washington State Convention Center

Awards at AeroTech

Since its founding in 1905, SAE has established and operated programs which have recognized outstanding achievements in the design, engineering, and production of various forms of vehicles and their components, systems, and materials. SAE administers more than 60 award and recognition programs and co-sponsors three programs in cooperation with sister societies. Awards pertaining to the Aerospace sector will be presented at AeroTech, and are listed below.

Award Presentations at the Awards Luncheon include:

Arch T. Colwell Merit Award
2013 Recipients
  • Jeffrey Morgan, The Boeing Company
  • Robert Greegor, The Boeing Company
  • Patrice Ackerman, The Boeing Company
  • Quynhgiao Le, The Boeing Company
  • Ravinka Seresinhe, Cranfield University
  • Craig Lawson, Cranfield University
  • Roberto Sabatini, RMIT University
  • Svetan Ratchev, The University of Nottingham
  • Mark Summers, Airbus Operations Ltd.

Charles M. Manly Memorial Medal
2013 Recipients
  • William W. Ni, Daniel Bartholme and Michael Cass, United Technologies Aerospace Systems

2014 Recipient
  • Kyle Merical, Troy Beechner, and Paul Yelvington, Mainstream Engineering Corp.
Cliff Garrett Turbomachinery Engineering Award
  • Dara Childs, Texas A&M University

James M. Crawford Technical Standards Board Outstanding Achievement Award
  • John D'Avirro, Aviation Services

Forest R. McFarland Award
  • Richard Garcia, Southwest Research Institute
  • Richard Greaves, Meggitt PLC
  • Chester Nelson, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Richard Wire, The Boeing Company
  • David Zika, Boeing Research & Technology
Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award
2014 Recipients
  • Rasim Guldiken, University of South Florida
  • Rani Sullivan, Mississippi State University

2015 Recipient
  • Lin Ma, Virginia Tech
Thomas H. Speller Award
2015 Recipient
  • Tony Goddard, Gemcor
William Littlewood Memorial Lecture
  • Charla Wise-Vice President (retired), Lockheed Martin Corporation
Wright Brothers Medal
2013 Recipient
  • Rafael Fernandes de Oliveira, EADS

2014 Recipient
  • Kyle Merical, Troy Beechner, and Paul Yelvington, Mainstream Engineering Corp.

Aero Design East and West Winners

Award Presentations at the Banquet include:

Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design and Development Award
2013 Recipient
  • Michamasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft

2014 Recipient
  • Sham Hariram, The Boeing Company

J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders
  • Laura Hitchcock, The Boeing Company

SAE Aerospace Engineering Leadership Award
  • Louis J. Mancini, The Boeing Company

Steven M. Atkins Ability and Achievement in Science Engineering and Technology Award
  • Joshua Goldschmid, The Boeing Company