SAE 2015 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition

September 22-24, 2015

Seattle, Washington, USA

Washington State Convention Center

2015 SAE Aero Design Team Winners

The SAE Aero Design competition is intended to provide undergraduate and graduate engineering students with a real-life engineering challenge. The competition has been designed to provide exposure to the kinds of situations that engineers face in their real-life work environment. First and foremost a design competition, students will find themselves performing trade studies and making compromises to arrive at a design solution that will optimally meet the mission requirements while still conforming to the configuration limitations.

Aero Design West

California State University Northridge 2015 SAE Aero Design West Competition Winner:

California State University Northridge
The SAE Aero Design team from California State University Northridge (CSUN) will be presenting their 1st Place Design Presentation from this year's SAE Aero Design West competition which took place on April 24th. Two students representing the team (Aurora Varela and Vladimir Arutyunov) will present an overview of their team's aircraft and project life cycle, including project formulation, project management, design methodology, synthesis, analysis, flight testing, and competition results. They will also discuss how their systems engineering approach aligned with their academic senior design project objectives.

Aero Design East

The University of Akron 2015 SAE Aero Design East Competition Winner:

The University of Akron
The University of Akron Aero Design Team has a history of excellence in the SAE Collegiate Design Series. The team has competed with their handmade RC aircraft since the mid-90s, and in the past 3 years alone has received 16 awards. At Aero Design West 2015, the University of Akron competed with Flash and Thunder. The Regular Class entry, Flash, focused on a low drag v-tail design to increase payload capacity. The aircraft lifted nearly 30 pounds and took 3rd highest payload, 1st place design report, and 3rd place overall. The Advanced Class entry, Thunder, was designed for maximum stability to facilitate consistent and accurate humanitarian-aid-package drops. This philosophy culminated in a record braking drop and a sweep of Advanced Class. Thunder took 1st place in all categories: presentation, design report, humanitarian-aid-package on target, and overall. Entering the 2016 season the team continues to strive for excellence and will be highly competitive for years to come.