AeroTech Congress & Exhibition

September 26-28, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Ft Worth Convention Center

Technical Program

Technical Sessions

The solutions-oriented Technical Sessions at AeroTech provide the perfect opportunity for engineering professionals to discover, collaborate, and engage with peers from around the globe. These Technical Sessions are solutions- oriented and developed by industry professionals to maximize industry relevance.

Topics include:
  • Aerospace Operations
  • Power and Thermal Systems
  • Propulsion
  • Safety
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Vehicle Systems/Systems Engineering
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
  • Auto Fastening/Assembly & Tooling (AeroFast)
  • Cyber Physical System Security
  • Avionics
  • Business/Economics
  • Environment
  • Flight Sciences
  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management
  • Manufacturing/Materials/Structures

NEW! Five Special Technical Tracks at AeroTech
Engage with industry leaders from top companies and organizations, including General Electric, NASA, Lockheed Martin, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boeing, and Ford Motor Co. as they present new research and information on these current and emerging technologies.

Additive Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry with the potential to improve yield, quality, and throughput, while reducing both operating and inventory costs, which makes it a very disruptive innovation. Government, industry, and academia need to collaborate to assure that this technology achieves its fullest potential for all stakeholders. This session will provide the participants an understanding of the current and future state of this technology as it is related to aerospace and defense.
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Electric Aircraft
The next generation of aircraft will be electric aircraft and in various configurations that were considered improbable, if not impossible. The new aircraft will result in higher performance, added capability, and in a more reliable platform for both personal and public transportation. The demonstrations by NASA and various traditional manufacturers, and new companies, are being used to define the next generation of airplanes. The next generation of more integrated systems, such as integrated propulsion, power, and control, is well underway and yielding positive results.
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Cyber Physical Systems Security
Cyber physical systems security is an emerging and important field for quality, reliability, safety, and security of cyber physical systems (CPS). CPS includes industrial control systems, IoT, platform information technology, and embedded systems. Government, industry, and academic need collaboration and action to address vulnerabilities unique to microelectronic parts and security of CPS. This session address these issues on aviation and defense.
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Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology
Are you looking to save millions of dollars? Augmented and virtual reality technology is an emerging and important field of technology for aviation in that it improves quality, reliability, safety, and if used properly can lead to significant cost reduction for both design and manufacturing. This session addresses the application and value proposition of these technologies for aviation through case studies both in and outside of the industry.
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Flightdeck/Cockpit Technologies
As consumer technology rapidly develops new products and processes that are capable of reducing the pilot workload and increasing safety in an increasingly crowded airspace. Aircraft system suppliers are providing an upgraded experience for the next generation of pilots. This session will encourage discussions on the latest developments in engineering practices and foster debate on trends in flight deck technology. The technologies and engineering practices that will be discussed in the session are applicable to research efforts such as air traffic control (NextGen), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) integration into the national airspace system, smart sensors, artificial intelligence, and next-generation advanced flight decks and aircraft.
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Keynote Speakers

Executive Panels

Each panel is an extension of the Technical Sessions and brings together several experts in a moderated discussion to speak about critical issues relevant to the engineering community. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and explore practical solutions.

The Hangar at AeroTech

Experience the future of the aerospace industry in "The Hangar." This new event will be featured in the center of the exhibit hall floor, which promises to deliver pioneers and thought leaders from a spectrum of industries who convey technology, ideas, and concepts that go beyond traditional aerospace.

Engage with forward-thinking engineers representing all specialty fields—from materials and manufacturing to avionics, industrial, and electrical-as well as ancillary industries that share an interest in aerospace to gain technical insight and thought-leading developments in the industry.

Touching on key issues facing the industry-from development of new aircraft and UAV technology to budget constraints and environmental regulations-The Hangar features programs that are focused on visions of the future of aerospace technology, as well as topics that can be transferred to aerospace engineering practices and application.

With rotating features, see what’s new at The Hangar each day!

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