SAE 2013 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 31st Annual

October 6-9, 2013

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Sawgrass Marriott

Awards Presentations

Masters Ballroom A-E
Monday, October 7
8:00 a.m.

Congratulate the best and brightest from the SAE Brake Colloquium.

Best New Presenter Award

Sponsored by:
KB Autosys

Sylwia Horning

This award is given to the best new presenter from the SAE 2012 Brake Colloquium. To be considered, the recipient should have presented less than three presentations at the SAE Brake Colloquium. Recipient: Sylwia Hornig, Technische Universitat Berlin

Sylwia A. Hornig was born in 1978 in Gdansk/Poland, grew up in the US and later in Germany. She studied Physical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin with emphasis on Machine Dynamics, Acoustics and Fluid Mechanics. In 2005 she received her engineering diploma with summa cum laude. Between 2005 and 2007 Sylwia worked at AIRBUS located in Bremen/Germany as a research engineer. She developed and coordinated dynamic fatigue strength measurement methods of metallic, CFRP and sandwich airplane components for sonic fatigue certification procedures. Since 2007 she is part of the research group at the Chair of Mechatronics and Machine Dynamics around Prof. von Wagner at the Technical University of Berlin. Her main focus is the development of measurement and identification methods of dynamic material properties specifically for friction material characterization for development and NVH simulation purposes. As a member of the European Expert Group Simulation Brake Noise (EKS) Sylwia interfaces between scientific developments at the university and the automotive brake industry. Additionally she teaches, provides training courses on measurement methods to analyze mechanical vibrations and is finishing her doctor's degree.

Best Paper Award

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Dave Antanaitis This award is given to the best paper from the SAE 2012 Brake Colloquium.

Recipient: Dave Antanaitis, General Motors

Dave is Global Lead Engineer, Brake Calipers/Corners/Jounce Hoses at General Motors. His research interests include: Brake corner integration, brake performance in race track settings (fade and wear) . He is Vice chair of the SAE Brake Hydraulic Components Committee, chair of SAE J2995 flow rate measurement task force, participant in SAE J2995 task force and brake/steering hose committee Dave has a MSE and BSE, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) .

TMD Allan M. Lang Award

Sponsored by:
TMD Friction

This award recognizes the "Best Presentation" given during the SAE 2012 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition.

Peter Hagedorn Peter Hagedorn, Technical Univ of Darmstadt

Peter Hagedorn was born in Berlin, Germany. He grew up in Brazil, where he graduated (Engineer's degree) in in mechanical engineering in 1964 at EPUSP and in 1966 earned his doctoral degree at the same University. He then worked as a research assistant and later as 'dozent' (lecturer) at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 1971 he got his 'habilitation' (similar to Dr. Sc.) at Karlsruhe. From 1973 to 1974 he was a visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University. Since October 1974 he is full professor of mechanics at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and head of the Dynamics and Vibrations group. He also has served as visiting professor at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Berkeley, Paris, Irbid (Jordan) and Christchurch (New Zealand), where he also holds an Adjunct Professorship at UC. He has served as Head of Department and Vice-President to his home University in Darmstadt and he is serving in a number of professional and editorial committees. He is author of over 200 papers and several books on a variety of topics in the general field of dynamics, vibrations and analytical mechanics. He is officially retired since 2009 but still quite active and heads the Dynamics and Vibrations Group at the Chair of Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering in the Graduate School of Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt. Among a number of other awards he received the first CAPES-Humboldt Senior Scientist Award and the 2013 ASME J.P. Den Hartog Award.

Georg Ostermeyer Georg Ostermeyer, Tu Braunschweig Head of Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations (IDS), Technische Universität Braunschweig

1952 born in Hameln/Germany
1971 - 1977 studied Mathematics at Technische Universit&aunl;t Berlin
1977 - 1979 studied Physics at Technische Universität Braunschweig (TU-BS)
1979 - 1984 scientific assistant at TU-BS, PhD- thesis on unilateral constraints in mechanics
1984 - 1988 senior engineer at TU-BS, habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) on rail-wheel contact,
1988 - 1992 chief engineer at Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, assistant professor at TU-BS
1992 - 2000 professor of mechanics and friction physics, Technische Universität Berlin
2000 - present professor of dynamics and vibration, head of Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations (IDS), TU-BS

Special Research Areas
Brake Dynamics, NVH and "Clean" Braking
Drilling and Reservoir Dynamics
Self Organization and Self Synchronization in Complex Dynamic Systems

Brake Colloquium Support Award

General Motors

We extend our appreciation to General Motors for their contributions and ongoing support that make this event a success each year.

Show your support and reap the rewards!

SAE International thanks you for your past support of the SAE Annual Brake Colloquium & Exhibition and we are pleased to continue to offer a unique SAE Customer Recognition program. The SAE Brake Show Support Award recognizes and rewards organizations that are major contributors to the overall success of this event through their participation on all levels.

Past Recipients:
2012 TRW Automotive
2011 Ford & GM
2010 MSC
2009 Akebono
2007 NUCAP
2006 Link Engineering
2005 Capitol Tool
2004 TRW Automotive

Dan Mahannah Award

Recipient will be announced on-site.

This award recognizes an individual who makes unselfish contributions toward the betterment of the industry and its members; through technological advancements, educational or promotional endeavors.

Past Recipients:
2012 Peter Filip
2011 Bill VanderRoest
2010 Stanley Stokes
2009 Hidetoshi Shimizu
2008 -
2007 Steve Brown
2006 Bruce Palmer
2005 Paul S. Gritt
2004 James W. Lawrence
2003 Yosuke Sasaki
2002 James Trainor
2001 Harald Abendroth
2000 Roy H. Link
1999 Arne Anderson
1998 Seong Rhee
1997 Phil Dougherty
1996 Marvin H. Weintraub