SAE 2016 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 34th Annual

September 25-28, 2016

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

Awards Presented at the Brake Colloquium

Allan M. Lang Award

This award recognizes the "Best Presentation" given during the SAE Annual Break Colloquium & Exhibition events. This is a memorial to Allan Michael Lang. Mr. Lang was killed in an avalanche while hiking in Scotland. He was Research Manager at Mintex Don, Ltd., a BBA Group Company. His Ph.D. was in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University in England and his thesis was entitled "An Investigation into Heavy Vehicle Drum Breaks Squeal."

    2016 Recipient:
    Joshua Merlis, TU Braunschweig Joshua Merlis, TU Braunschweig
    Past Recipients:
    2016 Joshua Merlis
    2015 Lars Wilkening
    2014 Kurt Person
    2013 Peter Hagedorn & Georg Ostermeyer
    2012 Kai Bode and Jarek Grochowicz
    2011 Georg Ostermeyer
    2010 George-Peter Ostermeyer
    2009 Georg-Peter Ostermeyer
    2008 Jurgen Lange
    2007 Carlos Agudelo
    2006 Ken Fegely & Steve Weber
    2005 Torsten Treyde
    2004 Kwangjin Lee
    2001 Robert Ballinger
    2000 Michael Wladen
    1999 Flavio Marcon
    1998 Xinming Shao

Sponsored by TMD Friction

Best Paper Award

This award is given to the best paper from the SAE 2015 Brake Colloquium.

    2016 Recipients:
    An Application of Shape Optimization to Brake Squeal Phenomenaf
    Kohei Shintani, Toyota Motor Corp. Kohei Shintani, Toyota Motor Corp.
    Kohei Shintani, Toyota Motor Corp. Kohei Furuya, Gifu University
    Satoshi Ito, Toyota Motor Corp. Satoshi Ito, Toyota Motor Corp.

    Past Recipients:
    2014 Jarek Grochowicz, Harald Abendroth, Carlos Agudelo, Shanglei Li, Karl-Heinz Wollenweber
    2013 David Antanaitis, Mark Riefe, Chris Ciechoski, Thomas Flaim, C. Greening

Best New Presenter Award
Sponsored by KB Autosys
This award will be given to the best new presenter. To be considered, the recipient should have presented less than three presentations at the SAE Brake Colloquium.

    2016 Recipient:
    Kazuko Tani
    Aman Rathee Aman Rathee
    Past Recipients:
    2015 Ralf Goller
    2014 Craig Stumpf
    2013 Sylwia Hornig
    2012 Brian Anderson
    2011 Kai Bode

Dan Mahannah Award
This award is a memorial to Dan Mahannah. The Dan Mahannah Achievement Award is presented to a distinguished Member of our industry. It recognizes an individual who makes unselfish contributions toward the betterment of the industry and its members; through technological advancements, educational or promotional endeavors.

Nominations maybe submitted to Roy Link.

    Past Recipients:
    2015 Georg Ostermeyer
    2014 Tim Duncan
    2013 John Fieldhouse
    2012 Peter Filip
    2011 Bill VanderRoest
    2010 Stanley Stokes
    2009 Hidetoshi Shimizu
    2007 Steve Brown
    2006 Bruce Palmer
    2005 Paul S. Gritt
    2004 James W. Lawrence
    2003 Yosuke Sasaki
    2002 James Trainor
    2001 Harald Abendroth
    2000 Roy H. Link
    1999 Arne Anderson
    1998 Seong Rhee
    1997 Phil Dougherty
    1996 Marvin H. Weintraub



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