SAE 2013 Electric Vehicle Battery Cell Size Standardization Symposium

October 23, 2013

Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Doubletree Hotel Detroit/Dearborn

The SAE 2013 Electric Vehicle Battery Cell Size Standardization Symposium, part of the SAE 2013 Vehicle Energy Management and Advanced Powertrain Forum, will provide an open forum for you to participate in the discussions and debate surrounding standardization of battery cell size in hybrid electric and electric vehicles. What are the issues? Challenges? What is the ideal solution for safety, cost abatement, and future production?

Battery manufacturers design products to various dimensions to remain innovative; however, this causes OEMs to work to new dimensions and can lead to unwanted risk. Battery cell size standardization can contribute to the unification and simplification of HEV and EV production – boosting quality, safety, and possibly, adoption of technology.

Some suggest that standardization not be done at the individual cell level, but instead at the next level up, the pack level. This poses its own challenges as often packs need a bigger footprint which can cause conflict with an innovative interior design.

A closer look at the sessions:
  • OEM engineers and purchasing staff describe how standardization brings down costs.
  • Cell suppliers debate the benefits of standardization and how it affects innovation.
  • Manufacturing equipment and chemical suppliers describe different manufacturing approaches and efforts at standardization.
  • Discussion on where the industry is with efforts to create common cell sizes, processes and design/test specifications.

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