Connect2Car Executive Leadership Forum

June 4-7, 2017

San Jose, California, USA

The Connect2Car Executive Leadership Forum is an invitation-only event where top automotive executives meet with leading electronics and technology executives to pave the way for the future of automotive connectivity. Building from SAE’s Connect2Car program held at CES each year, this event will lead the discussion about the future of connected, autonomous, and intelligent transportation with experts in the field.

Planned by the C2C Executive Leadership team, made up of executive-level industry leaders, this exclusive event provides its attendees with an innovative technical program, as well as a unique networking experience. High-level keynotes, speakers, and panelists from both industries will provide a comprehensive look at technology insertion in mobility from an executive and senior management perspective.

This leadership forum is the only one of its kind that brings the automotive and technology worlds together for an open exchange of innovations and ideas that can move the industry forward.


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