SAE 2014 Active Safety Systems Symposium

October 23-24, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

COBO Center


OEM's efforts to improve safety have become a highly technical and ever important endeavor. To achieve continued improvements in mobility safety records, companies are dedicating an increased amount of financial resources to achieve this goal. This year alone, the automotive active safety systems market should reach 24.08 billion.

SAE 2014 Active Safety Systems Symposium Addresses (4) Pillars of Focus:
  1. Active Safety Technologies and Countermeasure Development
  2. Integration of Active Safety Technologies in to Marketable Vehicle Product Lines
  3. Active Safety Countermeasures Testing, Evaluation and Assessment
  4. Deployment Strategies for Active Safety Countermeasure Systems
Explore the (4) Pillars in more detail now.

Who will be attending this event?

  • R&D Engineers
  • Product Design Engineers
  • Executives / Management
  • Professors
  • College students

How will you benefit from attending this event?

  • Education about the latest in mobility security and safety systems
  • Ample networking opportunities to make connections with key players and experts in the field
  • Access to high-level, decision-making audience from both industry, academia and government
This event is co-located with 2014 SAE Convergence®.

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