SAE 2017 Connect2Car

January 5, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Join us for the SAE International conference track at CES® 2017.

The 2017 program is bigger and better than anything we have done at CES®! We have partnered with the GENIVI Alliance to create a full-day program that brings the best of current automotive technology discussions to CES!

The Thursday program covers three of the industry’s hottest topics, including connected car-enabling technology integration, defining standards for automotive software development, and demystifying the technology of the modern automobile.

This session always attracts a good crowd with senior managers from start-ups, tech companies, aftermarket suppliers, and automotive technology enthusiasts all interested in gaining insight into the future of automotive technology.

If you are interested in experiencing an SAE program with a CES flare, especially if you are an OEM or supplier executive, consumer electronics leader, mobile application developer, and aftermarket entrepreneur focusing on enhancing the driver experience and accelerating the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, you should plan to attend.

SAE International Members are eligible to receive a 25% discount when registering. Log into Member Connection, scroll down until you see Upcoming Events in the right column, select CES® 2017 for details.



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