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Welcome to the 2015 Continuous Engineering Virtual Symposium: The Internet of Things (IoT), a free online event that provides the opportunity for you to explore - from the comfort of your office or home - the major trends impacting today's systems engineering teams. This year’s symposium contains all the popular features of the 2014 event, which received recognition as a finalist in the prestigious Folio min’s Best of the Web & Digital Awards. However, this year’s symposium focuses 100% on the technologies, trends, and issues affecting the automotive, commercial vehicle on-road, and commercial vehicle off-highway arenas. Its mission is to provide you with the latest knowledge, insight, and solutions so you can respond and adapt to changes, internally and externally, while delivering market-leading products.

It's an accepted truth that engineering never stops at successful companies. Designers of new products cannot rely on previous measures of competitiveness: faster, better, cheaper. These are taken for granted by consumers. It's now critical for companies to innovate by incorporating new technologies, particularly those that inject products with greater intelligence and the ability to monitor, learn, and fix problems while functioning in their operational environment.

Today's products operate as part of a web of connected and constantly evolving products and systems. New capabilities bring new sources of data and the challenges of knowing how to use, access, and house the data. The 2015 Continuous Engineering Virtual Symposium will examine ways to help design engineers speed delivery of today's complex and connected products and accelerate learning throughout the lifecycle while managing cost, quality, and risk. Attendees of the virtual symposium will be able to learn about improving design efficiencies, preventing rework, verifying requirements at all stages of the product lifecycle, and achieving faster time to quality.

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