Keynote Panels

Attend three thought-provoking hour-long panel discussions with leading industry experts throughout the day.

Driving Safety in Connected/Autonomous Vehicles Using Analytics
9 to 10 a.m. U.S. EST

The explosion of connected and autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry is driving business to deliver new technology but also brings additional challenges and risks. DOT research indicates that safety applications using V2V technology can address a large majority of crashes involving two or more vehicles. While these developing technologies may assist in reducing collisions, there are many challenges as well. These applications depend on data from the vehicles and being able to process that data in real time in order to send warnings to drivers so they can prevent imminent collisions. How do we analyze this data quickly and safely and transmit it back to the vehicle without security breaches? Who will support the infrastructure for these vehicles? What are the opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers in connected and autonomous vehicles? Our speaker panel will offer insight into ways to address these challenges and answer questions from audience members.

Mary Doyle, Global Ground Vehicle Standards, Standards and Business Development, Connected Transportation, SAE International
Derek Rotz, Manager, Advanced Engineering, Daimler Trucks North America
Dr. Phil Stephenson, General Manager, PACCAR Technical Center, and COMVEC 2015 Executive Co-Chair

Driving Change: The Future of Transportation IoT
11 a.m. to noon U.S. EST

With expected growth reaching over 1.9 trillion, the emerging opportunities that IoT brings to the transportation industry make it a topic you cannot afford to miss. It's imperative for all sectors of the transportation industry to identify common solutions quickly for increasing vehicle safety and reliability, improving the user experience, and gaining exposure to new revenue streams for manufacturers and service providers. Our panel of experts will examine the standards currently under development around the world and discuss the importance of consistent metadata for actionable information analytics, and explore a passable framework for integrating everything together in a safe, secure fashion to simplify developing V2V, V2G, and related technologies within vehicle systems. The speakers will also answer questions from the audience.

James A. Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow and Director of Electrical and Electronics Systems, Research and Innovation, Ford Motor Co., and SAE Cross-Industry Standards Advisor, Vehicle Electronics & Innovation Integration
Dr. Partha Goswami, Manager - Technology Intelligence, General Motors
Oleg Logvinov, IEEE P2413 Working Group Chair, IEEE Internet Initiative Chair, and Director of Special Assignments, Industrial & Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics

Engineering in the Fast Lane: Internet of Things and Systems Engineering
1 to 2 p.m. U.S. EST

Vehicle connectivity is becoming a reality. It's applicable not only to passenger vehicles but also to highway, off-highway, agricultural, and military vehicles. It's more than just being connected to the Internet. Vehicle connectivity is creating huge growth in the automotive industry on both the product development and manufacturing sides, and it's also requiring, from the engineering side, more complicated embedded systems and sensors to collect data on vehicles. Data collected in real time and then sent to the manufacturer and driver can avoid costly and even life-threatening mistakes. The same data can be fed back to engineering to impact overall product development. This is one example of how engineering systems, the cloud, data, and analytics can be used, but there are many more on the horizon. Our panel of experts will explore how today's technology of collecting data from vehicles will expand and how data will be sent through Internet connectivity to the cloud for analysis so that appropriate adjustments or messages can be sent to sensors on the car and to the driver in real time -- in seconds. Our speakers will also discuss how new strategies are being put into place to face the technological challenges of vehicle connectivity. An audience Q&A will be included.

Jim C. Dager, Director, Machine Data Governance and Analytics, Cummins Inc.
Tejas Desai, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental, North America
John McDonald, CEO, CloudOne
Jim Sachs, System Manager, Enterprise Electronics Group, Advanced Technology & Engineering, John Deere & Co.
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