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Brett Hillhouse Brett Hillhouse
Internet of Things

Brett Hillhouse is responsible for IBM's Rational Automotive solutions and consulting. His 20 years of automotive and aerospace experience includes product development engagements at global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The scope of these engagements includes re-engineering of requirements and systems engineering, software model driven development, and data management for the full product development lifecycle. Previously, Brett held several industry and PLM leadership positions at IBM and Siemens PLM (formerly SDRC). He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell University.

Erich Meier, Ph.D. Erich Meier, Ph.D.
Method Park

Erich Meier is the creator and chief architect of the Stages process management system. In 2001, he started working for Method Park and wrote the first lines of Stages code. Since then, he has helped to grow the system and win large corporations as customers. In 2007, Erich was appointed as Method Park's CTO and became responsible for the global products business, technology vision, and roadmap. Before working for Method Park, Erich designed and developed web-based information systems for universities and deployed them at more than 15 universities in Germany and Austria. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Erlangen.

Duncan Seidler Duncan Seidler
Business Development Manager
Method Park Software Ag

Duncan Seidler is the Business Development Manager at Method Park Software Ag. He studied business computing at the University of Westminster and has been involved in various aspects of process improvement since 2004. His focus has been on software and systems engineering, particularly process management, adoption, and integration of processes into engineering environments. He has experience working with global enterprises of various maturities across multiple industries worldwide. Duncan promotes facilitating, supporting, and inspiring change, to enable successful process improvement, combined with technology and people-related improvement, to achieve business objectives. His focus at Method Park is on deploying products such as Stages to support clients' business goals and objectives.

Jared Fry Jared Fry
Field Application Engineer

Jared Fry is a Field Application Engineer for LDRA Ltd. He graduated from Western New Mexico University with degrees in mathematics and computer science. His career began in the defense industry working for Lockheed Martin, where Jared served as a software engineer working on various projects ranging from missile and radar systems, training simulations, and software testing. With LDRA, Jared leverages these experiences as a consultant, assisting clients throughout the development process to produce a quality and certifiable product.

Hazel Woodcock Hazel Woodcock
Systems Engineer
IBM Rational

Hazel Woodcock is an experienced systems engineer with a unique blend of technical competence and interpersonal skills. She has more than five years of experience in the automotive arena and 15 years in the defense industry. For over a decade, she has helped various organizations across industries improve their requirements management practices. An IBM Rational DOORS Family technical expert, she has delivered numerous trainings and is a well-known consultant for effective use of the IBM Rational Requirements Management suite of products. Her personal blog, on topics associated with systems engineering, can be found at http://ukhazel.com/wp/.

Adrian Whitfield Adrian Whitfield
Industry Offering Manager
IBM Rational

Adrian Whitfield received an honor's degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Brunel University in 1990. He spent five years working in Systems Engineering at G.E.C Marconi Radar before joining Telelogic (formerly I-Logix Inc.) as a Technical Consultant, where he has delivered consulting, mentoring, and training to a number of aerospace and defense companies including long-term engagements with Boeing and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Currently he is an Industry Offering Manager with IBM Rational (who acquired Telelogic) where he leads teams to develop solutions to satisfy customer needs within the aerospace, defense, automotive, and rail industries.

Justin Dyer Justin Dyer
Systems Solutions Architect
IBM Rational

Justin Dyer is a Systems Solutions Architect at IBM Rational, a leading producer of tools for real-time systems and software development. Since joining IBM Rational (formerly Telelogic and I-Logix) in 1999, he has provided process and tool consulting and training to over 50 industry-leading corporations and government organizations. His most recent focus has been in the area of model driven development for real-time/embedded systems and software. Justin is intimately familiar with the Rational solution for systems and software engineering including the use of Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Team Concert, Rational Rhapsody, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Publishing Engine, and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM).

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