Information Sheet for Speakers

Information Sheet for Speakers

The object at committee meetings is information exchange about timely and important topics in control, guidance, and related fields. We maintain an informal atmosphere that encourages discussion and suggest that you plan an informal presentation that allows discussion during and after your talk. There are typically 50-70 people in the audience and they are accustomed to this informal discussion approach. You are welcome to use whatever graphic material you wish. LCD, viewgraph, and 35-mm slide projection and a VCR will be provided upon request. Please complete and return the Audiovisual Equipment Order Form to ensure that you have the projection equipment you need.

We would appreciate a "hand-out" to accompany your talk, but there is no specific format. It may be a formal technical paper, a summary narrative, or copies of your view graphs (no more than 2 slides per page). Please identify on a title page the meeting, location, dates, and authors. We request you bring 80 copies of the hand-out. HANDOUTS FOR CLASSIFIED SESSIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED OR WANTED.

If you are participating in a classified session, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary security clearance for your presentation and paper. Be sure to allow adequate time to obtain a clearance. Our experience has shown it usually takes longer than you expect.

A brief typewritten abstract is needed for inclusion in our minutes (one paragraph of about 250 words is adequate). Subcommittee speakers should submit an abstract of their presentation to the Subcommittee Chair no later than 2 weeks before the meeting (e-mail preferred).