SAE Convergence 2012

October 16-17, 2012

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center
Electronic Innovation Through Leadership

For decades, the SAE Convergence® Conference & Exhibition has brought together technology leaders from across the Globe to address the impact of electronics systems and the issues critical to mobility electronics implementation. This year features a compelling line-up focusing on the most relevant issues surrounding electronics technology.

Every event element is designed to encourage and enable the open exchange of ideas and discussion surrounding the critical decisions that are made in the implementation of mobility electronics technology.

As the host for SAE Convergence 2012, General Motors offers collaboration and invaluable dedication to the development of this year's event. Join your colleagues and experience all that is offered at Convergence including its influential history in the industry AND all that is new for 2012!

Read the Convergence History or meet the Leadership Team.

Event News

  • GM
    Host Company & Banquet Speaker Co-sponsor
    Concert Sponsor
  • Continental
    Banquet Speaker Co-Sponsor
  • Freescale
    Gold Sponsor
  • IBM
    Gold Sponsor
  • Infineon
    Gold Sponsor
  • Tata Consulting Services
    Gold Sponsor
  • Texas Instruments
    Gold Sponsor
  • SMSC
    Gold Sponsor
  • Microchip
    Gold Sponsor

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