SAE Convergence 2012

October 16-17, 2012

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cobo Center

Future Leader Program

How do you make yourself standout to the leadership in your organization? What experience is critical to be an effective leader? How do you make that career move you've been looking for? Ask corporate leaders your burning questions in this informal fast-paced networking / mentoring session for Future Leaders.
Backpack to Briefcase: Transitioning to Emerging Leadership; Cheri Alexander - Executive Director University of Michigan The first few years of a new career will set the stage for the future and managing yourself and your image can mean the difference between existing and excelling. Cheri Alexander will help you to navigate through the corporate world and give you tips to develop a Personal Brand that fosters positive forward momentum. Assess yourself as Cheri shares common career derailers, along with their antidotes. Laugh along with Cheri as she tells stories of her move from "staring at her shoes" in Engineering to ascending the Leadership ladder.
Lessons on Leading; Jessica Steel -Retired Executive Vice President Pandora Jessica Steel, recently retired Executive Vice President of Business and Corporate Development for Pandora, shares with you the lessons learned in her own career.
Leadership from major companies will be part of this panel discussion. As k your questions about career growth, business knowledge, or what they experienced as they attempted to make their way down their own career path. Candid and open discussion is encouraged.
Hey Future Leaders, have you ever wanted to tell technology companies what you thought about their designs and how they affect you as an engineer and consumer? Want to experience new technologies before they hit the market? SAE Convergence 2012 and the Future Leader Program bring together today's technology leaders and members of the growing "millennial generation" for an open and candid conversation about how technology will affect the growing -millennial market?. Sit down with the leaders that have brought their newest innovation and tell them what you think of it!

FLP Concert

Pandora Internet Radio and General Motors are teaming up to bring a local band, and a new and upcoming band to Convergence- just for you. Here's a great opportunity to informally network with current and future leaders, unwind, and cap off a day of learning. The featured band will be The Lonely Forest check them out on Facebook and YouTube.
Intelligent Car Racing: Where can you have access to the latest MCU technology and apply it hands-on in nationwide competitions? At the Freescale Cup Competition!
  • FREE to enter (kit will be provided for FREE)
  • Grand Prize - FREE admission to the 2013 Freescale Technology Forum in San Antonio, Texas (Hotel and food included).
  • A great chance to network with other industry Future Leaders.
More details here!

All Future Leader Program participants can attend any of the Convergence activities on Tuesday, October 16. View the Event at a Glance and see all the activities.