SAE 2014 Convergence

October 21-22, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

COBO Center

Your Invitation to Attend SAE Convergence from Organizer Chris Barman, Chrysler

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Chrysler Group and the Convergence Strategic Leadership Council, I would like to personally invite you to join us this coming October for SAE 2014 Convergence.

Automotive technology has advanced so quickly over the past 40 years of Convergence. The industry now looks completely different and the features that differentiate models and brands are not related to horsepower and torque, but rather Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Understanding and managing the electrical systems technology and recognizing the rapid rate of technology development is crucial for success in every design. One very effective method of gaining this knowledge for the several generations of product development is to compare designs and attitudes with other professionals in the field.

By mixing with executives, engineers and suppliers from around the world, a basis for comparison and confidence can be built up. Convergence, organized by SAE International under the Chrysler Group's leadership, provides an environment for those working in technology to compare experiences, learn from others and to gain a sense of what is important and where the industry is going.

Convergence is very important to many of the industry's developments, and so it is always interesting to compare the different viewpoints that are expressed in public and in the break-out sessions, as well as over a coffee. The proceedings are reviewed, published and available to all attendees, so that there is an atmosphere of working together to move the industry forward as a whole.

I also hope you take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your fellow professionals, make some new friends and enjoy all that downtown Detroit has to offer.

Chris Barman Sincerely,

Chris Barman
Unit Responsible, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Chrysler Group LLC