SAE 2016 Convergence ®

September 19-21, 2016

Novi, Michigan, USA

Suburban Collection Showplace

Sneak Peek into Convergence's Automotive Innovators Panel

Automotive innovation comes in many forms, but electronics technology is the most visible to the consumer with satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi integrated into most new vehicles. With today being the most innovative time in automotive history, the chief technology officers (CTOs) at the automakers have the responsibility of knowing what's coming next and making sure their companies are positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies when they are ready. On Sept. 19 at SAE 2016 Convergence, the Automotive Innovators panel will assemble chief technologists in one place to get their view of the world as they see it.

Ken Washington, Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Co. Moderated by John McElroy of Blue Sky Productions, the panel will consist of Phillip Eyler of Harman International, Jon Lauckner of General Motors LLC, Jeffrey Owens of Delphi Corp., Enrico Pisino of FCA US LLC, and Ken Washington of Ford Motor Co. These CTOs will discuss a variety of topics, including:

Technology Drives the New Business Model
The current business model is changing to become a technology-driven business model. Given that customers are driving the technology they want to see in cars based on their adoption rates, it changes how a very regulatory-driven market is now being driven by non-regulatory items, and it is very unusual for this market. Panelists will discuss their opinions on this change and attendees will learn how to use this to further their business.

Transportation and the Future of Auto Usage
As technology continues to evolve, so will the ways we use automobiles in the future. The connected aspect of the world (the cloud) and automated mobility will affect the economy and electrification. All these things happening will collide and create new business opportunities in the market. The panelists will focus on these topics and ensure attendees are prepping their organizations for the new business opportunities that will surely arise from these technologies.

Timing for Technologies Differs Globally
As technology quickly evolves and changes the way automakers do business, it is important to remember that just because something is accepted in the United States, that doesn't mean it is accepted worldwide. The panel will note the need to define the time frames for international acceptance and keep a worldly view in mind.

Automated Vehicles
Ralph Nader recently said "I don't see a fully autonomous vehicle replacing the driver fleet any time in the next generation." The panelists will discuss whether they agree with him and if they do-to what extent.

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