SAE 2016 Convergence ®

September 19-21, 2016

Novi, Michigan, USA

Suburban Collection Showplace

Personal Mobility - Creating a Smart and Autonomous Journey

Transportation of the future is now. Personal mobility, the internet of things, and autonomous driving are converging and creating conditions for an incredible journey.

Today, as you travel, the GPS mapping program in your Bluetooth connected smartphone selects the best and most efficient alternative to get to your destination taking into consideration traffic conditions. It seems everything is or can be connected to the internet now - but it is just getting started. Homes and the appliance items inside and out, personal items besides your phone, point of sale and vending machines, traffic controls and smart grids to name a few, and soon the largely untapped market of the automobile! Tens of Millions of vehicles all interacting with each other and sharing data across the internet will create opportunities not yet imagined. Autonomy represents an inflection point in the transportation industry. Cars driving themselves while always a theme for futurists and Hollywood are now within our grasp. Electronics and software are the enabling technologies to make the previously impossible - possible. To make the autonomy complete, connectivity is essential and how do these experiences converge?

Your Personal Journey explores the technology space that enables such smart mobility - electronics, embedded and off-board software, connectivity, autonomy, alternative propulsion and modes of transport. The innovation around these technology spaces is the foundation of personal mobility. SAE 2016 Convergence explores these and other questions. How will automotive electronics and on-board and off-board software play a role in that? What are the new paradigms? What are the possibilities? What has to change to enable total convergence? Come to SAE 2016 Convergence to hear automotive insiders, technology experts, and thought- leaders address these emerging innovative topics.

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