SAE 2013 Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Symposium - South

December 10, 2013

Irving, Texas, USA

Doubletree DFW Airport North

SAE Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Organizing Committee

Charles Amsden Charles Amsden
Director of Quality
Mouser Electronics Inc

Chuck Amsden, Director of Quality at Mouser Electronics for the past 10 years, has more than a quarter century of experience in quality assurance and compliance. Amsden is responsible for Mouser's short- and long-term goals of quality assurance and compliance all the while overseeing Mouser's ongoing commitment to improvement of processes, services and products that exceed customer "first experience" expectations. Amsden has a crucial role at Mouser, made only more demanding by the company's exceptional growth in recent years. Amsden works closely with Mouser's executive team as well as with operational teams throughout the company in creating, preparing and recommending quality assurance and compliance policies and programs.

Amsden personally directs the daily operations of the quality assurance staff and also ensures that Mouser's vast distribution operations comply with all industry and company standards. He manages Mouser's quality management system, environmental compliance, trade compliance and serves as legal liaison with attorneys and law enforcement. Amsden has helped lead Mouser to acquiring ANS9120A/ISO9001: 2008 and ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 certifications. Furthermore, Amsden supervises Mouser's environmental policies, including lead-free and RoHS, WEEE, packaging waste, and proper disposal of batteries and chemicals, plus other green distribution best practices.

Before joining Mouser in the summer of 2003, Amsden worked 15 years at Tyco Financial where he rose to become Quality Manager over the Calibration Laboratory and the Quality Management System. Amsden is a contributing member of the SAE G-19 Committee, working on standards for avoiding, detecting, mitigating and disposing of counterfeit electronic parts throughout the electronic components supply chain. Amsden currently is lending his expertise to the Electronic Components Industry Association, where he chairs a committee on developing methods of traceability within authorized distribution. He also is a member of the ECIA Certification Task Force, focused on mitigating counterfeit electronic parts, and is an active committee member addressing excess inventory within the electronics industry.

Diganta Das Diganta Das
Univ. of Maryland

Dr. Diganta Das is a member of the research staff at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering. His expertise is in reliability, environmental and operational ratings of electronic parts, uprating, electronic part reprocessing, counterfeit electronics, technology trends in the electronic parts and parts selection and management methodologies. He performs benchmarking processes and organizations of electronics companies for parts selection and management and reliability practices. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park and his Bachelor's from Indian Institute of Technology in Manufacturing Science and Engineering.

His current research interests include electronic parts supply chain, counterfeit electronics avoidance and detection, light emitting diode failure mechanisms, cooling systems in telecommunications infrastructure and their impact on reliability, and power electronics reliability. In addition, Dr. Das is involved in prognostics based risk mitigation of electronics. Dr. Das has published more than 75 articles on these subjects, and presented his research at international conferences and workshops. He had been the technical editor for two IEEE standards and is currently vice chair of the standards group of IEEE Reliability Society. He is a sub group leader for the SAE G-19 counterfeit detection standards group.

He is an Associate Editor of the journal Microelectronics Reliability. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a member of IEEE, IMAPS and SMTA.

Keith Gregory Keith Gregory
Snell & Wilmer

Keith Gregory practices in the areas of general business matters, corporate, franchise and partnership disputes, and intellectual property and commercial litigation. He is an experienced litigator, with considerable background in intellectual property issues, licensing agreements, trade secret matters and Uniform Commercial Code issues, especially within the electronic components and semi-conductor industries. Keith serves on the SAE International AS6081 Committee, established to develop standards proscribing counterfeit parts avoidance requirements for independent distributors.

Sultan Ali Lilani Sultan Ali Lilani
Manager of Technical Business Development
Integra Technologies LLC

Sultan Ali Lilani is Manager of Technical Business Development at Integra Technologies. Prior to joining Integra Technologies, Sultan held a similar position at Hi-Reliability Microelectronics, a Division of Silicon Turnkey Solutions. Previous to Hi-Rel Microelectronics, Sultan was Director of Quality and Reliability at NEC Electronics for 18 years and also served as Director of Product and Test at Akros Silicon, an energy management IC start-up.

Sultan has in-depth knowledge of Reliability Engineering, Program Management, Testing and Qualification for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial applications for semiconductor products including Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal, ASICs, Microprocessors, Memory, Custom Semiconductors, Discretes, Linears and Passives.

Sultan is the co-chair of SAE G19A Counterfeit Committee which is developing standards to detect suspect counterfeit components, promoting the maxim use of authentic parts, and helping ensure consistency of test techniques and requirements across the supply-chain.

Henry Livingston Henry Livingston
Engineering Fellow and Technical Director
BAE Systems

Henry Livingston is an Engineering Fellow and Technical Director at BAE Systems, a multinational aerospace and defense firm. Starting in 2007, Henry became a pioneer in establishing detection and avoidance practices to prevent the infiltration of electronic parts in defense and space applications. Henry was a key contributor to the first industry standards and wrote many published works in this area. He also participated in many government and industry conferences, seminars and training events as a leader in counterfeit part avoidance practices. Henry influenced trade associations in their standards work and recommendations to the industry concerning counterfeit avoidance. Henry also made numerous recommendations to shape US government policies, legislation and regulations to address the counterfeit electronic parts issue.

In his prior assignments at BAE Systems, Henry was responsible for overseeing engineering activity for specifying components and evaluating their suitability for military and aerospace applications and was BAE Systems' subject matter expert in the Component Engineering field. He lead and supported a number of activities associated with specifying components, evaluating their suitability for military and aerospace applications.

In the earlier portion of his career, Henry held various engineering and engineering management positions at BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Sanders Associates, and Western Electric.

Henry published numerous papers and articles on component reliability assessment methods; obsolescence management; semiconductor industry trends; and counterfeit electronic parts avoidance and detection.

Henry is a member of the SAE Counterfeit Avoidance Steering Group; the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee; the TechAmerica Public Sector Procurement Policy Committee's Supply Chain Assurance Subcommittee; the Aerospace Industries Association Counterfeit Parts IPT; the Industry Advisory Group to the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program; the Counterfeit Prevention Task Group of the Space Quality Improvement Council and the Space Suppliers Council; and the IEEE.

Janice Meraglia Janice Meraglia
Vice-President for Military and Government Programs
Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

Janice Meraglia is Vice President for Military and Government Programs at Applied DNA Sciences which is a small publicly traded company located at the High Tech Incubator on the campus of Stony Brook University in NY. Applied DNA has developed SigNature® DNA - a botanical DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solution.

Janice has been the team leader of two completed Defense Logistics Agency R&D projects spanning over two years. The projects demonstrated the technical merits of the technology and a range of commodity products that would benefit from the forensic authentication SigNature DNA affords. DLA has since required the use of SigNature DNA marking on all FSC 5962 microcircuits the Agency procures.

Ms. Meraglia's focus is on briefing Federal Agencies and leading industry associations to highlight the power of DNA marking. Janice demonstrates the ease, flexibility and staying power of this solution as a means by which absolute, forensic authentication of originality can be determined at any and all points in the supply chain. In addition, SigNature DNA marks can be used to establish provenance based on trace documentation and/or testing protocols.

In addition to working with scientists and PhDs with various biological and chemical disciplines, Ms. Meraglia's team includes seasoned professionals with electronic, engineering, logistics and government relations experience. Together her team represents a comprehensive and intelligent solution across the technical and business aspects necessary to effectively mitigate the risk of counterfeits in electronics and most other industry sectors. Janice is a member of JEDEC JC-13, SAE G-19 and AIA. She has also served on the TechAmerica Industry/Government Committee which developed the GEIA-STD-0016.

Ms. Meraglia has been a featured speaker at the following industry and government conferences:
  • CALCE - Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering
  • CMSE - Components for Military and Space Electronics
  • DMC - Defense Manufacturing Conference
  • DMSMS - Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Materials Shortages
  • IMAPS - International Microelectronics and Packaging Society
  • ISTFA - International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis
  • LIFT - Long Island Forum for Technology
  • MDA PMPB (Missile Defense Agency Parts Materials and Processes Board Meeting)
  • NASA QLF (Quality Leadership Forum)
  • PSMC - Parts Standardization and Management Committee

Ms. Meraglia has been interviewed and quoted in several leading publications about DNA marking including Aviation Week, Jane's, AOL Defense, EBN News, Circuits Assembly, Material Handling & Logistics, Government Security News, Homeland Security News Wire, EE Times and Engineering TV.

Kevin L. Sink Kevin L. Sink
Vice President

Kevin Sink is the VP, Total Quality at TTI, Inc., the global authorized distributor of electronic components based in Fort Worth, Texas. Kevin participates in three SAE committees developing standards for counterfeit mitigation; as a member of the SAE G-19D for Independent Distribution, G-19T for terms and definitions and is the Co-Chair of SAE's G-19AD for Authorized Distribution. He has spoken at several industry and OEM symposia on the topic. Kevin holds a BBA and MBA from Texas A&M University and has served in capacities within TTI from Sales to Product Management to Sales Operations before assuming responsibility for Quality. Prior to joining TTI, Kevin worked in Purchasing with General Dynamics. Coupling his experience in the mil/aero and electronics industries since 1988 with his interests in the issue, Kevin brings the perspective of authorized distribution to bear on best practices in counterfeit risk mitigation.

Phil Zulueta Phil Zulueta
Consultant SAE International G-19 Committee Chairman

Phil Zulueta is an independent consultant and Chairman of the SAE International G-19 Committee, involved with the mitigation of counterfeit electronic parts through the collaborative development and release of international standards and the delivery of awareness presentations and courses at conferences and related venues.

Phil was previously a JPL Program Element Manager for the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program, Chairman of the JPL Counterfeit Parts Working Group and Manager of the Hardware Technology Assurance Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Office of Safety and Mission Success. He supervised a team of engineers, researchers and technologists involved in Electronics Packaging Assurance Technologies, Non-destructive Evaluation, Electronics Manufacturing Technology Transfer and Certification, Electronics Inspection, Optical Metrology, Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Awareness/Control and Counterfeit Electronic Parts Risk Mitigation.

Prior to joining JPL, he was Regional Manager for Electro-Science Laboratories, Program Manager for Ball Aerospace, Engineering Group Manager for Hughes Microelectronics and a Microelectronics Process Engineer for Northrop Electronics. Phil is a Past-President of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS). He earned a Masters degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Materials Engineering from California State University Long Beach.