SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium

October 14-16, 2014

Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The Inn at Saint John's

As the industry’s most technical transmission event, the SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium offers attendees insight into the drivers of new transmission developments, and a better understanding of the technologies that comprise the modern transmission. Engineers challenged to deliver improved transmissions and drivelines will find a unique opportunity to influence developing technology, hear presentations by leading industry experts, and explore technical applications for transmission technologies.

Changes in transmission technologies and an industry-wide focus on increased performance, fuel the evolution of the modern transmission. With no one technology able to fully satisfy market demands for better vehicle performance, increased fuel efficiency, and consumer-pleasing drivability, the expansion of transmission technologies will likely continue in the foreseeable future. Join your peers and other industry stakeholders as we discuss:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Vehicle performance
  • Enhanced Drivability
Will you be a part of the conversation that tackles these challenges and more at the SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium?


Take advantage of this event's colocation with SAE 2014 All-Wheel Drive Symposium

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