SAE 2017 Transmission and Driveline Technologies Symposium

November 14-15, 2017

Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Ford Conference Center

The SAE 2017 Transmission and Driveline Symposium is the source for continuous technical information about the latest innovations of the design, manufacture, and operation of these systems in the passenger car and heavy duty markets. The Symposium is essential for executives, engineers, researchers, and developers working in the global transmission industry. Attendees will gain an understanding of the direction of the industry, along with technologies under development to meet emission regulations, improvements in fuel efficiency, and customer satisfaction as it relates to the drivability and performance of their vehicles. The Symposium will also incorporate critical updates on the all-wheel-drive industry, technologies, and innovations.

Only at the Transmission & Driveline Symposium can attendees gain insight into innovative advancements, discover significant drivers impacting new transmission developments, discuss technology innovations and applications with industry leaders and experts, and learn about the growing field of EV and hybrid vehicles and its impact on industry technology. Plus, identify the value of efficiency-enhancing technologies developed by OEMs and tier-1 suppliers, ascertain solutions that accommodate enhanced drivability and fuel efficiency, and explore the rapid development of transmission system components.


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