SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium

October 14-16, 2014

Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The Inn at Saint John's

2014 Event Theme – Meeting 2025 Regulations

What is really influencing the development of technology? What are the key factors affecting industry?  Are we designing and implementing the right solutions? What is going to get us to 2025?

As the industry’s most technical transmission and driveline event, the SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium is an exclusive forum to debate these questions and answers. Join industry leadership and technical innovators to appraise new and noteworthy developments in drivetrain systems. Learn how OEMs and top tier suppliers are collaborating to address industry-wide challenges to meeting 2025 regulations.  Participate in a technical program that explores:

  • Standards development in drivetrains and transmissions
  • Stop/Start controls and hybridization for improved efficiency and fuel economy
  • Development of new generation continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions
  • High-performance powertrain solutions for enhanced drivability and vehicle performance

And more.

Are you equipped to address your challenges? Find out at the SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium

This event is co-located with SAE 2014 All-Wheel Drive Symposium. All of the networking and exhibit functions will be joint, and attendees are free to attend any technical sessions of interest.

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