SAE 2014 Transmission and Driveline Symposium

October 14-16, 2014

Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The Inn at Saint John's

Executive Panel

Featuring diverse industry leadership, this Executive panel will highlight the latest trends and technologies in transmissions and drivetrains - Get insight on the direction industry is headed. Discussions will navigate the following questions and topics:

Governmental regulations as they relate to our industry and the systems we engineer…
  • How does the industry and your firm handle the investment necessary to get to 54 mpg?
From a systems engineering perspective…
  • How do we further optimize the whole powertrain/drivetrain system (e.g. power conveyance from source to tire patch)?
  • How can we further refine the drivetrain system's interactions with other systems (e.g. chassis, electrical etc.) within the vehicle?
  • What should the industry be doing today to prepare its drivetrains for the connected vehicle of the future (vehicle to vehicle {v2v}, vehicle to infrastructure {v2i}, etc.)?
Market value acceptance…
  • What are your thoughts on the state of the industry with regards to hybridization efforts (drivetrain systems in particular… electric, hybrid, traditional mechanical, secondary electric axles, in-wheel motors, etc.)?
  • Similar to the turn of the last century with regards to the down select of steam vs. electric vs. internal combustion driven vehicles… how long do you foresee our industry stabilizing toward a new prime mover technology in order to capitalize on economies of scale?
  • What is your view of a consumer's threshold regarding their willingness to pay for new drivetrain technologies?
Human engineering capital…
  • How do we better collaborate with universities to train our graduates to become better mechatronic engineers?
  • Do you see regional expertise that is stronger than others and how does the industry capitalize on this?


Daniel Hancock Daniel M. Hancock
General Motors LLC (Retired)
2014 SAE International President

Dan Hancock retired from General Motors (GM) effective September 1, 2011, and now consults with the automotive industry in the powertrain and alliances areas. His last position with GM was Vice President, Global Strategic Product Alliances. During that time he served as Chairman of GM's DMAX and VM Motori diesel engine joint ventures with Isuzu and Fiat, respectively.

Hancock's previous appointments included GM Vice President, Global Powertrain Engineering and Chief Executive Officer, Fiat-GM Powertrain, based in Turin, Italy.


Mike Kirk Mike Kirk
Engineering Director for Manual Transmissions, Drivelines, and Axles
Chrysler Group LLC

Michael Kirk is the Engineering Director for Manual Transmissions, Drivelines, and Axles at Chrysler Group LLC. Michael obtained his BSME from Oakland University and in 1982 joined Chrysler as an engineer in the Emissions Certification group at Highland Park, Michigan. Michael has worked in a number of leadership positions within Powertrain at Chrysler Group LLC, including Engine and Transmissions Adaptation, Throttle and Speed Controls, Gasoline Engine Programs, the Jeep 4WD Systems/Driveline group. Michael is an active member of the USCAR Transmission Working Group and SAE.

Kevin Carlstrom Kevin Carlstrom
Engineering Director - Automotive Controls
Vehicle Group, Eaton

Carlstrom is Engineering Director for Eaton's Automotive Controls Group, which includes Torque Control Products in Marshall, MI and Fuel Emissions and Powertrain Controls in Southfield MI. He joined Eaton in 2013 with over 25 years of engineering and engineering leadership experience. Prior to joining Eaton, he was employed by Navistar where he held a number of leadership positions in commercial vehicle engineering. While at Navistar he led the implementation of Navistar's knowledge management system. Prior to joining Navistar, he was a powertrain controls engineer at Ford Motor Company. He has Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University.

Roger Clark Roger Clark
Senior Manager
General Motors Engineering

With 30 years of experience Roger, leads a team of engineers who develop the tools and process for fuel economy and Drive Quality development of all GM vehicles. His team led the Energy optimization for class leading vehicles like the Chevrolet Equinox, Cruze, Malibu, Volt, Silverado, and Corvette. Some of the innovations Roger helped to create were the GM Unified Energy model, Electronic Throttle Control, Atkinson Cycle Hybrid Engine, and other GM innovations.

Roger was trained as an engineer at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and graduated with a BSME degree in 1984. In 1986 he was awarded a GM Fellowship and graduated with an MSME degree from Purdue University in 1987.

Roger has two grown daughters and lives with his wife Donna in Clarkston, Michigan.

Craig Renneker Craig Renneker
Chief Engineer, Component & Pre-Program Engineering, Transmission & Driveline Engineering
Ford Motor Company

Mr. Renneker joined Ford Motor Company in May, 2000. Since then he has overseen the development and launch of several automatic transmission programs, including the TorqShift 5-speed, CVT, 6R60, 6F50, 6F35, 6R140, HF35 and DPS6 used in a variety of Ford products. He now has responsibility for the new 9&10-speeds jointly developed with GM. Mr. Renneker has responsibility for the development of all new automatic and hybrid transmission programs within Ford, as well as all component engineering activities. Mr. Renneker has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University), 1986 and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, 1987

Professional activities: Ford Technical Advisory Board, Society of Automotive Engineers (member), Car Training Institute Transmission symposium (advisory board member and speaker).

Don Remboski Don Remboski
Vice President, Advanced Engineering
Dana Holding Corporation

Don is Vice President of R&D and Innovation at Dana Holding Corporation. Don's work includes fields as diverse as efficient power transmitting machinery, human factors design for safe driving and computer architecture. Don is currently engaged in defining new products and new business models for automotive, and other land vehicle markets.

Don is the author of more than 70 U.S. patents and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

Don Remboski serves as President of the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor Board of Trustees.