SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

October 7-9, 2014

Rosemont, Illinois, USA

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Executive Panels at COMVEC

The Executive Panels at COMVEC provide a key venue for provocative discussion of the key issues facing the future and growth of the Commercial Vehicle industry. Developed by industry executives from the on-highway, off-highway, and defense communities, these panels cover topics and issues most relevant to the industry today.

Blue Ribbon Panel: Engineers as Leaders

The commercial vehicle competitive landscape has become more complex, unpredictable and volatile. We are in a world that calls on engineers and researchers to solve our most urgent problems and to improve our quality of life. And this ever-changing environment requires leaders with new skills as well as more complex and adaptive thinking abilities. With the growing need for collaboration that crosses both business and geographic boundaries, our emerging challenge is to develop leadership skill sets within our businesses. And this development needs to occur in all facets of our organizations - especially in the engineering and scientific research departments that are equipped with individuals who possess technical knowledge, and analytical and problem-solving skills.

This panel will address:

  • Challenges of engineering in a global environment
  • Developing leadership talent in an engineering organization
  • Transitioning from engineering to business leadership roles
  • Engineers as leaders in technical, organizational, commercial and strategic capacities
  • Leadership training and development from the higher education perspective

Masayuki "Max" Moriyama, President, COO and CTO of Komatsu America Corporation

Tim Sinden, President of Truck, North America, Eaton - Vehicle Group
Roger Nielsen, COO, Daimler Trucks North America
Dr. Myra Blanco, Director, Center for Automated Vehicle Systems, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Dr. Sri Srinath, Director, Executive Pipeline Development, Caterpillar Inc.


Math to Lab to Road

This executive panel will discuss the origins of "From Road to Lab to Math", provide examples of how this approach has expedited their development schedules, increased product reliability and lowered development costs.

Additionally, the panel will discuss the reverse paradigm "From Road to Lab to Math and Back Again" - how to capture and analyze data from the road and field, to improve the math of their product development. Shortcoming of, and predictions for this technology will also be discussed, such as: How much prototyping and pilot builds make sense even with perfect math? How does the lab/road/math feedback loop work? What aspects of the math world leave gaps that must still be filled by the lab and road? What aspects of the lab and road worlds could be moved into the math domain but as of yet have not made that move?

Dr. Lou Balmer-Millar, Director of Research & Advanced Engineering, Product Development & Global Technology, Caterpillar Inc.

Dr. Hans Welfers, Senior Vice President, Electric/Electronic Systems, MAN Truck & Bus AG
Rodney Rowland, Global Manager, Product Verification and Validation, John Deere
Steve Nadig, Chief Engineer - Mechatronics, Daimler Trucks North America
Ed Hall, Senior General Manager, Engine Technologies, GE Transportation
Craig Brown, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors


Efficiently Engineering for Global Markets - Meeting the Emerging Market Product Challenge

Global companies must meet the latest legislation and customer demands for the mature markets, yet to compete in emerging markets, they must also have highly cost efficient products that precisely meet the unique needs of the these customers. Can this be done with global products, or global platforms with localized variants or are unique solutions required? How do these approaches align with manufacturing localization strategies? This panel will address different possible solutions to this challenge.

Sean Milloy, Vice President, Business Development & Partnership Management, Cummins, Inc.

David Larson, Vice President, Product Portfolio Planning, CNH Industrial
John Jullens, Partner, Booz & Company
Alan Berger, Vice President, Product Platforms, Volvo Construction Equipment (Representing Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery)
Phil Stephenson, General Manager, PACCAR Technical Center