Young Engineering Community Sessions

NASCAR Nextel Cup Engine Development
Room: 5
Wednesday, November 1
12:30 - 1:50 p.m.
Speaker: Charles Jenckes
NASCAR Nextel Cup engines are pushrod V8s which displace 5.8 liters, produce significantly more than 800 BHP for up to 800 miles, and have a regulated maximum operating speed of 9500 rpm. This lecture will provide a background and technical overview of a NASCAR Nextel Cup Engine; the development process, and will offer a virtual tour of Dale Earnhardt, Inc.'s Engine Department.

Charles Jenckes has a master's degree in mechanical engineering. His primary field of study has been in thermo-fluid science. He has worked in engine, and, fuels and lubricants research at both the OEM and supplier level. Mr. Jenckes has completed leading edge work in the mathematical modeling of high performance four stroke spark ignited engines. In Motorsports he has contributed to championships in Road Racing, NHRA Drag Racing, and NASCAR. His primary focus has been Nextel Cup engine development for the last five years. In his position as engine development engineer he serves as a technical resource to DEI's engine shop. Part of Mr. Jenckes' duties includes the introduction of new technology into the engine shop.

Mr. Jenckes has authored articles and technical papers on a wide range of engine topics from combustion and emissions to the use of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) in engine development. He has received numerous awards for his work and presentations from the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Career Advancement for Engineers
Room: 5
Wednesday, November 1
2:00 - 3:20 p.m.
Speaker: Tammi Ramsey
In these uncertain times companies find that they must cut loyal long-term employees, many of whom are poorly prepared to re-enter the job markets. Other companies have expressed interest in having their employees better skilled at tracking their careers so they can be promoted with assurance within their present organizations. This seminar will cover these situations plus much more. This seminar is for everyone from new graduates to seasoned engineers.

Topics covered during the seminar:

  • Professional Journaling
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Networking/Not Job-Hunting
  • Offers/Counteroffers

The presenter, Tammi Ramsey, is an active SAE member, engineer by education, professional recruiter, trainer, and is a national expert on career advancement.