SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™

August 6-11, 2017

Warren, Michigan, USA

Macomb Community College

In its sixth year, the 2017 SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™ is a groundbreaking event in automotive cybersecurity. The Challenge is a five-day practicum-based workshop where teams comprised equally of students and professionals, including automotive engineers, government engineers, and ethical “white-hat” hackers, work on real cars to find real answers to the challenges posed by cybersecurity in automobiles. Teams work to identify automotive cybersecurity trends and develop talent in a new technical discipline in a high-tech industry.

An interactive learning format, the Challenge is a series of instructor-led, practical learning sessions and discussions alternating with hands-on work. It fosters collaboration and creativity amongst different cross-sectors of the automotive and cybersecurity industries. Industry professionals benefit from the fresh perspectives offered by high-performing high school and college students. Students gain exposure to industry experts and hands-on learning you can’t find anywhere else. All parties benefit from mentorship relationships and the powerful connections formed at this event.

The Challenge demonstrates that the automotive community:

  • Is keeping the core auto engineer connected to the cyber community
  • Is prioritizing cybersecurity and mitigating potential risks from cyber/auto development
  • Is developing a common “community of interest” around the cybersecurity issue
  • Is developing a cyber/auto talent “pipeline” amongst high school and college students.

Join the 2017 SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™ and ignite interest in the automotive industry among the best and brightest college and high school students—forging the next generation of cyber-auto engineers. Support the Challenge and create an immersive, collaborative community vested in the advancement of the cyber-auto industry.



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