SAE CyberAuto Challenge™

July 22-27, 2018

Detroit, Michigan, USA


NHTSA released its Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles that provided nonbinding guidance to the automotive industry for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity. In this document, it lists that a crucial factor for success was an educated workforce and NHTSA supports educational competitions containing cybersecurity elements such as SAE International’s CyberAuto Challenge.

Additionally, it was mentioned in the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers' responses to U.S. Congress as one of three events the automakers go to understand cybersecurity.

Attracting representatives from every concerned sector of cybersecurity: researchers, hackers, government officials, manufacturers, educators, and, of course, students.

We are looking for industry support to create an immersive environment for learning about cybersecurity and to help shape the future cyber-auto workforce. Sponsorships, enable students of all economic levels to participate by offsetting expenses associated with accommodations, meals, transportation, learning materials, hardware kits, and other tools necessary to participate in the Challenge. We are looking for engineers to join teams, technical experts to teach on-site courses, and financial support. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in the future of the cyber-auto industry.

Join the Challenge in igniting the interest in the automotive industry among "cyber centered" college and high school students and forge the next generation of cyber-auto engineers.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors will be able to:
  • Host invitation-only events/demonstrations in a designated private space
  • Interact with individuals and other supplier companies to generate new business opportunities
  • Create opportunities for expanded business
  • Reconnect with current customers
  • Establish contacts and potential customers
  • Participate in the event as an attendee
  • Targeted marketing directly to desired customers

Sales Contact

For more information, please contact:
Linda Wagner