2014 DOD Maintenance Symposium

November 17-20, 2014

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Sheraton Birmingham Hotel

Call for Great Ideas Abstracts

Deadline for Abstracts: Friday, October 10th, 2014

Mr. John John's Memorandum

Abstracts (300-500 words) for the 2014 Great Ideas Competition will be accepted through Friday, October 10th, 2014.

Selected presenters will be given the opportunity to highlight promising new technologies, processes, or business practices to the Symposium audience on Tuesday, November 18, in Birmingham. Presentations must be technical in nature -- focused on current or potential maintenance operations or management -- and strictly avoid commercialism. Each presenter will be allocated exactly 10 minutes, including audience Q&A. The winner will be selected through audience vote and with recognition at a Symposium Plenary Session.

Abstracts must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the Great Idea's Competition:

  • Submitted idea must be an original contribution to the state of the art
  • Submitted idea must be technically accurate
  • Submitted idea must have test data or valid simulation support for all performance claims and conclusions
  • Submitted idea must be feasible or practical
  • Submitted idea must state the problem being addressed and relate it to readiness, cost, safety, reduction in maintenance man-hours, etc.
  • Submitted idea must be categorized into one of the technology focus areas
  • Submitted ideas need to be received by October 10th, 2014
  • Submitted idea must include presenter's complete contact information
  • Submitted idea must only have one presenter per presentation

All abstracts that meet the minimum criteria listed above will be included in the onsite Event Guide under Great Ideas that will be distributed to all symposium attendees onsite.

From eligible abstracts, an evaluation board comprised of maintenance subject matter experts will select up to five finalists to present at the 2014 DoD Maintenance Symposium. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by October 22, 2014.

The five finalists will have the opportunity to highlight their great ideas with a poster and static 3'x4' table top display. This display must be completely set up by noon on Monday, November 17, 2014.

Individuals representing the five Great Ideas finalists are responsible for registering for the symposium and any associated fees, if not attending in another capacity. Please contact Laura Gonella, +1.724.772.7115 or lgonnella@sae.org if you have any questions or need further information regarding the 2014 Great Ideas Competition.

Offers will be considered for the following technologies:

Coatings/Corrosion Control
A layer of a substance spread over a surface for protection, decoration or safety (e.g., painting, plating, non-skid coatings, etc.); a covering layer/the act or process of surface modification for the purpose of preserving, controlling, or preventing corrosion or wear/erosion (e.g., thermal spray, weld cladding, etc.).

Composites (Non-Metal Materials)
MRO of components made of non-metallic material composites (e.g., carbon or polyamide fabric, ceramic, glass, resin, etc.). Similar to Metal Working.

Electrics, Electrical
Relating to the MRO of systems/components used for production and delivery of electricity to systems.

Processes and/or equipment used for the MRO of electronic systems, and/or to restore to operating condition after damage and/or deterioration.

Relating to or being concerned with the ecological impact of an action or process on the environment during MRO. (e.g., technology insertion projects that relate to occupational safety & health, HAZMAT handling, and the reduction of air, water, solid pollutants, energy use, and hazardous waste).

All buildings and permanent installations necessary for the support of depot MRO.

A physical scrutinization of property or documents / a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, integrity or other qualities during MRO. Includes Non Destructive Inspection (NDI), hydro test. Etc.

Maintenance Prep/Reassembly/ Preservation
The act of preparing equipment for induction to MRO/ the act of reassembling an asset upon completion of maintenance activities/ the act of preserving equipment for future use.

Processes in or in support of MRO beginning with raw materials to produce a component, (e.g., design, reverse engineering, reengineering, casting, milling, painting, inspections, etc.). This category also includes additive manufacturing and repair, rapid manufacturing and prototyping.

Metal Working
The act or process of restoring, reshaping, and repairing existing metal assets using industrial processes such as welding/joining, forming/forging, grinding, machining, drilling, coining, cutting, etc.

MRO of components in the area of the science that deals with measurement or a system of measurement or calibration.

The repair, adaptive modifications or upgrades, and change events (including integration and testing) made to operational software resident in a weapon system or in support equipment that is integral to the operations or sustainment of a weapon system. This can include the modifications or upgrades necessary to ensure safety and relevance in operations and interoperability with other systems.

Workload, Workforce, Material Management
The management of work produced, or can be produced, in a specified time period- the workers employed in a specific project or activity- all activities concerned with the ordering, storage, and movement of materials.

Please be advised all abstracts will be immediately posted on the JTEG website. All Great Ideas abstracts should be cleared for public release.