2015 DOD Maintenance Symposium

December 7-10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Convention Center

Technical Program

Plenary Session Topics

Plenary Session #1
Institutionalizing Collaboration Across Technology, Acquisition, and Sustainment
Session Organizer: Lt Col Hogan
Organizer Assistant: Greg Kilchenstein

Plenary Session #2
Requirements to Resourcing to Execution to Readiness (Senior Logisticians Roundtable)
Session Organizer: Col Dabney
Organizer Assistant: Steve Morani

Plenary Session #3
Ensuring the Strength of the National Industrial Base
Session Organizer: John Stankowski
Organizer Assistant: Jay Berry

Plenary Session #4
Software Sustainment Issues and Challenges
Session Organizer: Steve Michaluk
Organizer Assistant: John Stankowski

Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Session #1
Public Private Partnering for Product Support
Session Organizer: John Sutton
Organizer Assistant: AP Camele

Breakout Session #2
Sustainment Technology: From Innovation to Fielding
Session Organizer: Greg Kilchenstein
Organizer Assistant: Ray Langlais

Breakout Session #3
Managing Depot Variability to Create Quality, On-Time Cost Effectiveness
Session Organizer: Rich Frey
Organizer Assistant: Rod Rowley

Breakout Session #4
Operational Integration of Maintenance and Supply
Session Organizer: Mike Hynes
Organizer Assistant: Ben Jilson

Breakout Session #5
Foreign Security Force Advice and Training: Focus on Sustainability
Session Organizer: Jake Hohman
Organizer Assistant: John Sutton/Ben Jilson

Breakout Session #6
Maintenance Innovation Challenge
Session Organizer: SAE International
Organizer Assistant: Greg Kilchenstein

Breakout Session #7
Workforce and Leadership Development
Session Organizer: Rich Frey
Organizer Assistant: Nick Avdellas

Breakout Session #8
Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
Session Organizer: Steve Michaluk
Organizer Assistant: Jake Hohman
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