2015 DOD Maintenance Symposium

December 7-10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Convention Center

Institutionalizing Collaboration Across Technology, Acquisition, and Sustainment

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Time: 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: North Ballroom 120 AB

Objective: Identify the traditional barriers between the acquisition, technology, and sustainment communities and activities and discuss methods to break down those barriers in order to pursue an integrated, true life cycle approach to achieving required capability and readiness while reducing sustainment costs.

Abstract: Organizational divides, stovepipe processes, and conventional measures of performance create barriers between technology development, acquisition, and sustainment communities and activities. In order to achieve required system capability and readiness while bending the sustainment cost curve, these barriers must be identified and bridged. Our ability to do this is directly dependent on leadership at every level, crossfunctional teamwork and collaboration, the use and enforcement of life cycle metrics, and cultural change. The panel will discuss associated challenges, lessons learned and proposed changes in our organizations, processes, and behaviors.

Ms. Lisha Adams, Executive Deputy to the Commanding General, Army Materiel Command

Mr. Christopher Lowman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition Policy & Logistics), Headquarters, Department of the Army
Mr. Daniel Fri, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Logistics & Product Support), Headquarters, U.S. Air Force
Mr. Mike Madden, Executive Deputy, Marine Corps Logistics Command
Mr. Scott Davis, Program Executive Officer, Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Headquarters, Department of the Army
Mr. Mark Buongiorno, Vice President, F-135 Propulsion System, Pratt & Whitney, Military Engines
Mr. Randy Langmead, Director Business Development, Global Sales & Services, Siemens
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