2015 DOD Maintenance Symposium

December 7-10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Convention Center

Foreign Security Force Advice and Training: Focus on Sustainability

Date: Monday, December 7, 2015
Time: 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Location: North 124 AB

Objective: Discuss challenges of establishing self-sustainability in developing foreign security forces and its resulting impact on our national security.

Abstract: As the Department of Defense looks to a future defined by fiscal constraint and limited relief from current global responsibilities, capable foreign security forces become a more and more critical force multiplier to ensure stability in key regions. The impact of these forces, and the effectiveness of our investment in them, depends directly upon our ability to shape and mature the capability to sustain their materiel over the long term. Subject matter experts in the development of foreign security forces will discuss the challenge of building sustainment capability in a developing force, its impact on our national security, as well as the maintenance community's ability and responsibility to positively influence this area.

Mr. John B Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance

Brigadier General Mohammad Nabi Ahmadzai, Chief of Training and Doctrine, Afghan National Army
Colonel Brian Tempest, USA, Multinational/Interagency Division Chief, J4, Joint Staff
Mr. Pat Dulin, Executive Director, Joint Contingency Acquisition Support, Defense Logistics Agency
Mr. Costa Maroulis, Vice President of Government and Defense, Automotive Management Services
Mr. Lawrence Platt, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, AM General
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