2015 DOD Maintenance Symposium

December 7-10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Convention Center

Operational Integration of Maintenance and Supply

Date: Monday, December 7, 2015
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Location: North 129 AB

Objective: Highlight issues and actions with respect to the integration of maintenance and supply functions to enhance readiness and efficiency

Abstract: There is a readiness and financial risk associated with the misalignment between maintenance and supply functions. Backordered parts from underestimating demand pose a readiness risk while excess parts from overestimating strains our fiscal resources. Improving maintenance forecast accuracy, and communicating a more precise requirement within the supply chain will reduce both the readiness and financial risks. This session will explore the issues and associated actions to more accurately increase the alignment of maintenance and supply chain to enhance readiness and efficiency.

Mr. Michael Cervone, Director for Maintenance Policy and Operations, Headquarters, Department of the Army (G4)

Brigadier General (S) Christopher Hill, USAF, Deputy Director, Resource Integration, Resource Integration (A4P)
Captain Donald Simmons, USN, Assistant Chief of Staff Force Material, Maintenance and Readiness Officer, Commander Naval Air Forces, Pacific (N42)
Colonel Patrick Kumashiro, USAF, Chief, Maintenance Division, Directorate of Logistics, Maintenance Division (A4LM) - Presentation
Ms. Barbara Robertson, Director Business Process Support, Defense Logistics Agency - Presentation
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