Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition

Presentations from the 2011 Event

Maintenance video

Monday, November 14
Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Maintenance Support Challenges
Commercial vs Dod Aviation MRO's - Contrast and Compare
Information Underpinning Readiness at the Right Cost and Effective Life-cycle Maintenance
DoD Weapon System Acquisition Reform - Product Support Assessment Team(PSAT) Implementation - Industrial Integration
DLA Supply Support to DoD Maintenance Enterprise
Perspectives in Public Private Partnering
It's the Law: Depot Maintenance & Title 10
  • Its the law - Ms. Corey Battistoni and Ms. Vickie Plunkett
Potential New Considerations for Making Source of Repair Decisions
  • Source of Repair - RDML Tim Matthews
  • - Ms. Lorna Estep
  • - Mr. Mike Madden
  • - Mr. Steve Karl
  • - Mr. Lou Kratz
Approaches for Maintenance Leadership of the future
Tuesday, November 15
Satisfying Readiness Requirements with Reduced Resources
Enabling Maintenance in a Net-centric Environment
Maintenance-Saving Corrosion Prevention Projects
Maintenance Requirement - "It's all about the Money"
Wednesday, November 16
Industry Keynotes
Future Capability of DoD Maintenance Depot - Implementation Considerations and Defense Sustainment Industrial Base Outcomes
A look into the Depot of the future
Maintenance Education
Maintenance Operations in Southwest Asia