Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition

Presentations from the 2012 Event

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Tuesday, November 13
Next Generation Continuous Process Improvement
Great Ideas
Depot Activation and the Interaction of Acquisition and Maintenance
CBM+: Practioner's Guide to Implementing a Successful Program
Software Maintenance Growth: Opportunities and Challenges
Evolving Maintenance Metrics
Mananging Health & Safety in Depot Maintenance
Depot Maintenance Requirements Determination
Joint Sustainment Planning for Weapon Systems
Wednesday, November 14
Cutting Edge Maintenance Technologies
Understanding the Cost of Corrosion
Maintenance Abroad
  • Maintenance Abroad - MG. James Myles, CDR Wesley Sanders, Mr. Helmut Haufe, CW5 Paul Astrander
Thursday, November 15
Field Maintenance Efficiencies
Supply Effectiveness - Evolving Support of Depot Maintenance Requirements
Improving Partnerships through Collaboration