SAE 2014 Design, Manufacturing and Economics of Composites

June 10-11, 2014

Madrid, Spain

NH Parque Avenidas

Tour: FIDAMC (The Composites Research, Development and Application Centre)

Date: Thursday, 12 June 2014
Time: 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Tour: FIDAMC FIDAMC was established in 2006 to prepare the way towards automated manufacturing of advanced composite structure as support of the Spanish "composites" industry.

It is located in a greenfields region known as the Southern Technological Area in the south of Madrid, and is a world class research and development facility completed in 2010 with more than 5500 m2 of space for offices, laboratories, and workshops.

The foundation is a collaborative effort of the Spanish government - industrial technological development (CDTI), Madrid regional government and EADS, today Airbus group.

The primary aim of FIDAMC is to develop the automated composites manufacturing techniques that industry need before they can apply new technologies to their particular applications. This is achieved by providing the expertise and facilities that are essential for the development of automated manufacturing technologies for advanced composites. For this purpose, FIDAMC has the capabilities:

  • Design and stress
  • Material and processes and simulation techniques
  • Chemical-physical and mechanical testing
  • NDT and structural health monitoring
  • Tooling

Tour: FIDAMC The equipment installed to date in the clean room includes an Automated Tape Layup machine built by MTorres, is a 11-axis high speed gantry style with a working area of 12.5m long by 5.4 m wide able to lay-up "slit tapes" as wide as 75mm, 150mm or 300mm. This ATL is designed for fast production of flat to moderate contoured parts. Also built by MTorres is the automated fiber placement machine (AFP). Its laying head works with 24-tows of 3.2 mm width of "slit tape" for maximum flexibility in producing contoured parts and barrels. The third one is a new thermoplastic laying head with laser heating to use in the construction of thermoplastic composite parts.

The workshop is equipped with 2 autoclaves (6x8 and 2x2 m) manufactured by Spanish suppliers. They are prepared to work up to 450°c and 20 bars.

The research facility has the very latest testing and analysis equipment to support material qualification tasks and structural certification programs of all materials selected by airbus.

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