Call for Papers & Presentations

SAE Aviation Environmental in-flight Icing & Aircraft Ground Deicing
Conference & Exhibition
2007 (Date TBD)

If in-flight icing and aircraft ground deicing technologies, techniques, and equipment are important to you and your company. Then you don't want to miss this specialized event. The only event that is dedicated to provide the latest technologies advances and emerging issues surrounding safe aircraft operation in environmental icing and deicing conditions.

This conference will include presentations and workshops in topics listed below, along with discussions in technical and plenary sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to comment and make recommendations relative to the direction and content of what is being accomplished towards improvement in the safe aircraft In-flight icing and ground deicing operations.

The Topics in the forefront of the aircraft ground de/anti-icing and in-flight icing communities that will be addressed in the technical program include but are not limited to:

Aircraft de/anti-icing during ground operation
Airplane De/Anti Icing operations
Aircraft Deicing / anti-icing methods and training
Airplane De/Anti-icing Equipment
Ground Ice Detectors
Environmental Regulations for capturing and recycling fluids
Aircraft De/Anti-icing Fluids
Runway & Taxi Way Deicing and Snow removal operations

Aircraft In-Flight Icing
In-flight icing simulation - experimental & facilities
In-flight icing simulation - CFD
Icing effects on aircraft performance
SLD Engineering Tools Development
In-Flight ice protection systems
In-flight icing effects on rotorcraft
In-flight Ice Detectors

Environment icing meteorology
Forecasting Icing conditions
Meteorological Studies of Atmospheric Icing Conditions
Remote Detection of Atmospheric Icing Conditions
Tools, systems and instrumentation to measure icing conditions

Potential Authors are invited to submit abstracts of approx. 300-500 words including title and authors contact information by August 31, 2006.

Abstracts for either papers or oral-only presentations should be 300-500 words in length, presenting facts that are new and significant, and including results achieved, if applicable.

For general information on the conference, contact Chris Durante at or by phone at 724-772-7191.