SAE 2013 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

March 12, 2013

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Hyatt Regency Indianapolis

Join industry colleagues from around the world at the only event with an exclusive focus on the electric powertrain, the SAE Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium. This one-day event will feature an exciting lineup of well-known speakers and provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the growing electric powertrain field. Hear about the latest technology and advancements; learn about market growth projections, requirements and cost structures; and discuss the burgeoning marketplace with industry peers. Don’t miss this event, as the demand for electric powertrain and the technology only continues to grow!

This year's event topics include:
  • Electrified vehicle powertrain and driveline
  • Electric traction motors - permanent magnet, induction and switch reluctance
  • Power converters and inverters
  • Engine controls
  • Power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles – new for 2013!
  • Research and development

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SAE 2013 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium