2012 SAE Aerospace and Defense Ground Support Equipment Conference

SAE 2012 Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

April 23, 2012
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Meet and mingle with technology leaders by attending the Electric Motors event. Unlike other events, this Symposium puts great emphasis on the electric motor, and will give a comprehensive overview on the latest global innovations in the vehicle powertrain electric traction motor industry. It will give insight on how fast the major players are moving and how this affects the world marketplace. This Symposium will also give an overview on new developing supply chains.

The program will address market growth projections, requirements, and cost structures for three varieties of electric traction motors: permanent magnet motors, induction motors, and switch reluctance motors. This year's symposium will feature expanded coverage of rare earth metals, and, for the first time, presentations on testing and simulation.

By offering the latest insights, knowledge and visions, the Powertrain Electric Motor Symposium will enable decision makers to make a more well-balanced consideration on investment opportunities and risks.

This year's event will be co-located with SAE 2012 World Congress, where additional electric vehicle sessions will be offered.
Similar SAE Powertrain Electric Motor events will be held in Asia and Europe in the fall of 2012.

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