SAE 2013 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

November 20, 2013

Stuttgart, Germany

Pullman Stuttgart Fontana

As challenges in the development and application of electric powertrain technology have changed and broadened, so too has the SAE Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium. This year’s event has evolved to incorporate more of the components that comprise the powertrain and driveline. In addition to the electric traction motor – converters, inverters, power electronics, engine controls, etc. are now the technology topics emphasized in this evolving event.

Electric powertrain specialists and authorities will be present to share applications and implementation experiences with “e-Powertrain” peers. Presentations, and networking elements ensure all attendees garner solutions that foster execution and accomplishment.

Experts in the industry from brand names such as Ford Motor Company, Infineon and many others, will be leading several topics of discussion.

As the penetration of battery electric vehicles continues to develop, a commercial and technological focus on the growth of hybrid vehicle technologies has become more important. Attendees to the SAE 2013 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium will hear about the progress in several key areas of electrified development. The event will also include presentations that discuss what lies ahead for vehicles and electrified powertrains out to 2025. This includes improvements in component efficiencies, system costs and customer attractiveness.

Industry leaders will cover topics related to:

  • News and improvements in hybrid powertrain technology and hardware
  • Electric drives: analysis of different aspects in application, testing integrations and design.
  • 48-volt technology and micro-hybrids and how they represent solutions for emission reduction and low cost hybridization
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