SAE 2015 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

November 17, 2015

Stuttgart, Germany

Maritim Hotels - Hotel Stuttgart

This is currently the only SAE hybrid powertrain related event in Europe – uniting automotive and commercial vehicle industry experts to discuss the progression and development of electric-powered vehicles.

This event addresses technical developments and innovations pertaining to the main electronic systems and drive-train components specific to hybrid and electric drives.

Technical Session topics to be covered:

  • OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Management
  • Power Electronics
  • Panel Discussion: Market and Technology Outlook
What you can expect:
  • A deepened knowledge of the difficulties, as well as solutions others in your industry have encountered
  • Real connections with like-minded professionals seeking to succeed in the same market
  • The sharing of science and technology, and the free exchange of ideas and achievements

The SAE 2015 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium will be presented in English – including all technical sessions and materials. On-site translation is not scheduled for this event.

Organized by: SAE Global LLC

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