SAE 2014 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

November 19, 2014

Stuttgart, Germany

Le Meridien Hotel

2014 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

The upcoming SAE 2014 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany will feature an outlook of the electrified powertrain development and introduction within the automotive industry. Competitive pressure and customer requirements driving the development, which have the potential to deliver new exceptional vehicle attributes in performance, emitted emissions and vehicle NVH.

The increasing complexity and the introduction of new electronic hardware are required to deliver on the increasing customer expectation. The technology roadmap of these components is vital in order to identify new trends and to foresee system opportunities. The next generation of electrical machines and their control hardware will be discussed and a forecast will be given by industry experts.

Increasing demand of electrical power on future vehicle architectures require enhanced technologies in order to satisfy the vehicle level electrical power network requirements in regards to reliability, voltage quality, dependability and the capability for efficient storage of recuperated energy including the interface for external charging systems. The battery charging function is required for electrified powertrains and a new function for the driver of such vehicle. The motivation is high by the different OEM's of standardizing the procedure across different vehicles and to ease the task for the customer in order to meet customer expectation. This forum has been designed to provide automobile manufacturers and suppliers an overview of the electrical power supply architectures, systems and components for Energy charging and in particular wireless charging systems and the status of the standardization process will be discussed as part of this symposium.

OEM's and Tier 1 suppliers have already successfully launched electrified vehicles in different markets and electrified vehicles are used within e-Motorsports in different competitions. A market overview of their experience and motivation will be presented of the increasing growth segment of vehicles with electrified powertrains.

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Leonhard Bartsch, the Supervisor of the Powertrain System Analytics and Technology Strategy team at the Ford Research Center Aachen, wrote this article for SAE Update. He is a member of the organizing committee for the SAE 2014 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium to be held November 19, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany.