SAE 2014 Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

November 19, 2014

Stuttgart, Germany

Le Meridien Hotel
Timothy Thoppil Timothy Thoppil
P3 Group

Timothy is the eMobility Competency Lead at P3 North America. He has consulted for leading North American and European automotive companies in the fields of alternative powertrains, batteries and smart grids. Timothy's areas of expertise include product and technology planning, management of cooperations and joint development programs, risk management and cost analysis.

Prior to P3, Timothy worked with General Motors Corporation and was involved in the development of the Chevrolet Volt's battery refurbishment and repair strategy. Timothy also held various engineering and planning roles in the TVS Group, a diversified manufacutirng company that produces automotive components and systems.

Timothy is a member of the SAE Secondary Battery use committee and works closely with the committee chair to define the roadmap and standards for reusing automotive batteries after their primary application. He is also actively involved in various initiatives in the Michigan area for the advancement of electric vehicle technology and talent base.

Timothy is the author of Unwinding Electric Motors: Strategic Perspectives and Insights for Automotive Powertrain Applications, a joint puclication by the Society of Automotive Engineering and P3.