SAE 2014 Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Forum

November 5-6, 2014

Shanghai, China

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

The SAE 2014 Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Forum will feature presentations on the latest breakthroughs in lightweight materials and cutting-edge adaptive applications of energy efficiency and emission reduction from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, universities, and research institutions.

This Forum will address:


Standards for reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiencies are creating a need for OEMs to develop lighter vehicles to achieve these requirements. This Forum has been designed to provide automobile manufacturers and suppliers the latest advances in manufacturing strategies, design and materials selection strategies to promote lighter weight, higher performing, fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing safety or performance.

High Efficiency Combustion Systems

With the increased demands for fuel efficiency and fuel economy, the internal combustion engine (ICE) continues to be examined for design improvements to improve these measures. Overall, the program will examine several technological advances required to maximize efficiency, including:

    • Advanced, low-temperature combustion techniques

    • Improved understanding and modeling of heat loss mechanisms

    • Electrification and intelligent control of accessory loads

    • Possible redesign of mechanical systems (e.g., variable stroke for fully expanded cycles)

    • High-efficiency turbo-machinery to extract exhaust energy and provide boost

Emissions Reduction

With a greater than 10 percent growth expected in the domestic passenger vehicle market China now has the world’s largest auto market; and emissions from transportation are growing rapidly as well. However, China is determined to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and boost fuel efficiency with advanced materials and manufacturing technologies without compromising safety, performance, reliability and cost. Session topics include:

    • Intelligent Combustion

    • Engine Downsizing and Pressure Boosting

    • Variable Valve Trains

    • Thermal Efficiencies, Including Waste Heat Recovery

    • Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Content

    • Low Voltage Motor and Drives

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