SAE 2014 Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Forum

November 5-6, 2014

Shanghai, China

Shanghai New International Expo Centre


Keynote Speaker

Annette Hebert Annette Hebert
Division Chief, Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulations and Science Division
California Air Resources Board

Annette has a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana and joined ARB in 1989. As a Division Chief in the Mobile Source program for ARB since 2006, Annette has been instrumental in modernizing the certification program, enhancing the heavy-duty in-use programs, ensuring the success of our emission warranty programs, and identifying and correcting performance gaps in vehicle technology such as improvements in the application of selective catalytic reduction through rigorous certification and field assessment activities. Most recently, Annette has also acquired oversight of the State's Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) Program. The ACC includes the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program which is aimed at reducing criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from the light duty fleet, and the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate which is aimed at promoting the transformation of the vehicle fleet through the introduction of advanced vehicle technology. She also directs all activities of the Haagen-Smit Laboratory (HSL) where the testing of light duty vehicles, motorcycles, small off road engines, and other products are evaluated for their contribution to air pollution impacts through measuring their exhaust, evaporative and speciated chemical emissions.

Lightweighting Session

Professor Alan Taub Professor Alan Taub
Material Science & Engineering
University of Michigan

The MSE department welcomes Alan Taub, who has joined the faculty as Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Taub will pursue research in advanced materials and processing and lead an initiative to establish a new center within the U-M College of Engineering. The center will focus on advanced manufacturing of lightweight material structures for automotive and aerospace applications.

When Taub earned his doctoral degree in applied physics from Harvard in 1979, his plan was to gain five years of industry experience and return to academia to teach. That same year Taub joined GE Corporate Research and Development where he performed research on magnetic and superconducting materials for electrical distribution and medical applications as well as high-temperature alloys for turbines.1 He earned 26 patents and authored more than 60 journal articles on that work before moving into research management and leading the Materials and Processing Laboratory.

From GE, Taub moved to Ford Motor Company's Research Laboratory, where he led the Materials Science Department and then moved into Product Engineering. In 2001, he joined General Motors Research and Development to serve as executive director. In 2009 he was named GM's vice president of Global Research and Development, leading advanced research being conducted in seven laboratories worldwide.

The planned five years in industry turned into 30, but Taub stayed close to academia all along. At GM, he established nine GM - university collaborative research laboratories, three of which are at U-M, and increased academic funding more than ten-fold. He also served on several academic advisory boards, including the U-M Mechanical Engineering External Advisory Board, and was a senior lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mike Yagley Mike Yagley

Mike Yagley is the Technical Manager for Alcoa Wheel Products (AWP), based in Ohio, and serves as the Chairman of the ISO Wheel Committee and member of the Tire and Rim Association (T&RA) Technical Advisory Committee, SAE Truck and Bus Wheel Committee and SAE Biaxial Testing Task Force.

As Technical Manager for AWP, Mr. Yagley's responsibilities include development of global specifications and testing requirements for Alcoa wheels, along with acting as the liaison with major axle end suppliers to help ensure ongoing system-level technical communication. As the ISO Chairman, he is responsible for the development of global wheel industry specifications.

High Efficiency Combustion System Session

Cyrille Constensou Cyrille Constensou
Project Manager

Cyrille CONSTENSOU graduated from the Arts & Métiers French top State Engineering School in 1997. He worked more than 10 years in the field of World Rally Championship (WRC) as Event Engineer for PEUGEOT SPORT and M-SPORT.

He joined MCE-5 DEVELOPMENT in 2008 as Project Manager for Advanced Engine Development. He is currently responsible for powertrain architecture, design and development for the Company's R&D and customer's application programs. MCE-5 DEVELOPMENT specializes in the development of innovative concepts and technologies to improve the engine efficiency of vehicles.

Frank Zhao Frank Zhao
Tsinghua University

Dr. Frank (Fuquan) Zhao is a Professor and the Director of Automotive Strategy Research Institute at Tsinghua University, China. Dr. Zhao got a doctorate degree in Engineering Science of Hiroshima University in Japan and has years of on-the-job working experience in Japan, United Kingdom and United States of America. Prior to joining Tsinghua University in May 2013, Dr. Zhao had the experience of the Vice President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited, the President of Zhejiang Geely Automotive R&D Center, the President of Zhejiang Automotive Engineering Institute, and the Chairman of DSI (Drivetrain Systems International) company of Australia since November 2006; the Vice President of Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile Company Limited and General Manager of its Research & Development Centre since 2004; and the Research Executive of Technical Affairs at DaimlerChrysler in 2003. Dr. Zhao was elected to the Fellow of SAE in 2006.

In his talk, he will address the technology strategy that can help OEMs to meet the most challenging fuel economy regulation of 5L in 2020 for Chinese market.

Dennis Assanis Dennis Assanis
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stony Brook University

Dr. Assanis, distinguished scholar, teacher and leader from the University of Michigan is Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Vice President for Brookhaven Affairs. Assanis served at Michigan as the Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Professor of Engineering and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan, as well as Director of the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute, Founding Director of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center for Clean Vehicles and Director of the Walter E. Lay Automotive Laboratory. As Provost and Chief Academic Officer for Stony Brook, Assanis oversees the academic mission of our main campus, providing direct supervision for all academic units, support services and operations, and coordinating all academic programs. The Deans and Directors of the Colleges, Schools, Libraries, Centers and Institutes, other than those in the Health Sciences Center, report to the Provost. He works closely with Sr. Vice President of the Health Sciences and SOM Dean, Ken Kaushansky, as well as leadership in the Office of the Vice President for Research with regard to academic and research issues that concern the University as a whole

Dr. Robert Wagner Dr. Robert Wagner
Director of the Fuels Engines and Emissions Research Center

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dr. Wagner is the Director of the Fuels Engines and Emissions Research Center, a Distinguished Member of the technical staff, and formerly served as the technical lead for engine combustion and efficiency research. His responsibilities include the coordination and development of strategic internal and external collaborations to better support the mission of the DOE Office of Vehicle Technologies. He is program manager for numerous DOE and industry funded activities related to combustion, engine controls, thermodynamics, and thermal energy recovery for conventional and bio-renewable fuel applications.

His most notable role is project lead for demonstrating 2010 DOE Vehicle Technologies light-duty engine efficiency and emissions milestones. Robert is a member of several government/industry technical teams and working groups to provide guidance to DOE in establishing and meeting near- and long-term efficiency/emissions goals. He also has substantial participation with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Specifically, he is the past Chairman of the Combustion & Fuels Committee, an organizer/chairperson for several technical sessions and symposiums, and a reviewer for technical manuscripts. Robert is also on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Engine Research.

Professor. Zissis Samaras Professor. Zissis Samaras
Aristotle University

Zissis Samaras is a Full Professor and the Director of the Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece. His research work deals primarily with engine and vehicle emissions testing and modeling and he has carried out a wide range of projects on modeling emissions from internal combustion engines. Dr. Samaras was also involved in the development, testing and large-scale evaluation of Diesel particulate filters. He has provided expert advice to a number of organizations and private sector customers, including the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, the World Bank, the Greek Ministry of Environment, ACEA, CONCAWE, Rhodia, Inco.

In addition, he was vice chairman of the management committee of COST action 319, on the Estimation of Exhaust Gas Emissions and coordinated a number of large European projects, including "Particulates, Characterization of Exhaust Particulate Emissions from Road Vehicles" and "Inspection & Maintenance of in-use Vehicles". He is elected Academic Member of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) on "Energy, Environment and Resources". He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications, among them more than 100 in peer-reviewed journals, which received more than 400 citations in peer reviewed articles, reviews and technical notes.

Samaras is a professor and director of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His research deals primarily with the testing and modeling of engine and vehicle emissions from internal combustion engines. In his area of study, he has provided expert advice to a number of organizations and private sector customers, served as vice-chairman of a committee on the estimation of exhaust gas emissions, and coordinated many large European projects on particulate emissions and vehicle maintenance. He is an elected Academic Member of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council on, Energy, Environment and Resources, and the author of more than 150 scientific publications. Samaras earned his doctorate from Aristotle University.

Klaus Denkmayr Klaus Denkmayr
General Manager
AVL Shanghai Tech Center

Born on February 16, 1966 in Linz, Austria. 1972 - 1976 Elementary School, Linz. 1976 - 1984 Secondary School (BRG Fadingerstra?e, Linz) with focus on natural sciences (completion with honours) from 10/84 Academic studies in Technical Mathematics, University of Linz. 1987 - 1994 Eight months internship and about 2 years of project work for the European Space Agency, Darmstadt.

02/94Completion of Master Degree (with honours).10/94 - 5/95 Assistant at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Linz. 10/94 - 2/99 Part-time lecturer for Applied Mathematics at the Advanced Technical College for Automation, Wels. 5/95 - 6/96 Statistical and quality consulting for VOEST Alpine Stahl AG, Linz (Lifetime prediction of welding electrodes). 10/95 - 12/96 Project on solar activity prediction for the European Space Agency 10/96 - 8/97 Community Service with the Red Cross, Linz. 09/97Completion of doctoral studies (with honours)

11/97 - 1/01 Specialist in Quality Management, reliability methodology and business process training with Steyr Daimler Puch and ZF, Steyr. 02/01 - 10/11 Manager, Reliability Engineering & Risk Management with AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria. 10/07 - 03/10 Part-time lecturer for Reliability Theory at the University of Linz from 11/11 General Manager, AVL Shanghai Technical Center, China.