SAE 2013 Electronic Systems for Vehicle Propulsion and Intelligent Vehicle Systems Symposium

An SAE Convergence® Program

September 17-18, 2013

Troy, Michigan, USA

Troy Marriott

Event Theme: Creating More Sustainable Systems of Vehicle Transportation through Electronic Systems

This `multi-track’ Symposium will examine items critical to engine, transmission, and intelligent vehicle system development – which have profound effects on the development of electronic technology within vehicle platforms.

The objective of this event is to create a more sustainable system of vehicle transportation. This will be achieved through keynote addresses, industry-focused panel discussions, and engaging technical presentations.

Track 1: Convergence of Electronic Systems for Vehicle Propulsion (ESVP) This track addresses the trends, the challenges and the solutions of electronic systems controlling vehicle propulsion. It covers the controls of internal combustion engines (ICE), transmission & drivelines, xEV applications and electrification. The focus is on electrification impacts of the various systems. Experts from OEMs, integrators, tier1 suppliers, and academia address issues critical to the automotive industry.

Track 2: Convergence of Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) This track addresses the entire electronic infrastructure that is connecting the HEV, EV and ICE vehicle to its environment. The application of vehicle electronics technology in safety, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), the mobile internet, power system architectures and security issues are the focus of these technical sessions. This track provides a view of both system and component level architectures.

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