Why Lighting? Why Now?

Register by September 24, 2004

Revolutionary developments in vehicle exterior lighting now present vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with new and exciting possibilities, based on:
Design options
Enhanced safety
Increased fuel economy
Improved durability

New advances, such as improvements in LED lighting, offer engineers and designers exciting new opportunities to delight the consumer, as lighting can be an important component of exciting and eye-catching designs. In addition, it can increase safety by making vehicles more conspicuous, with faster response times and intelligent displays. Choosing the right lighting package can even increase fuel economy by reducing current electricity requirements and component weight. Best of all, new lighting technology offers increased durability and much longer life, reducing warrantee claims and post-warrantee consumer dissatisfaction.

Interact with experts from government, industry, business.
This one-day event will bring together experts on vehicle exterior lighting and industry executives to discuss the newest products, their advantages and disadvantages, and potential applications. It will provide an overview of the regulatory picture regarding vehicle lighting - Federal regulations, SAE standards, and potential future trends and developments. In addition, vehicle designers will share their views on the importance of lighting as a design element, and a business case format will be used to evaluate the value of lighting enhancements relative to their cost.

Networking opportunities
A key characteristic of SAE Executive Management Briefings is the interactive nature of the event. Rather than a series of one-sided lectures, speakers value the opportunity to spend the day with attendees, who also have the opportunity to interact with other corporate leaders in attendance. In addition to interactive sessions, meal functions, breaks and the post event reception offer excellent opportunities for networking with peers and experts in the lighting and vehicle design fields.

Take home package and resource guide
Each attendee will receive copies of speakers' presentations received prior to the event along with other resources on the subject that will help in making product decisions. These will be contained in a useful and attractive portfolio. Attendees will also receive a new technology lighting devise for home, car or camping.

Who should attend?
Executive Management Briefings are specifically designed for corporate executives and high-level managers, giving them the information and perspectives needed to make intelligent business decisions. This program will be of interest to anyone involved in designing, engineering, or signing off on the design of vehicles and their component systems.

Register by September 24, 2004