Frequently Asked Questions for exhibiting at an SAE event

Q:  What is included with my booth rental fee?

Q:  What is NOT included with my booth rental fee?

Q:  How do I increase or purchase a larger booth space?

Q:  What rules and regulations do I need to be aware of as an exhibitor?

Q:  How do I access the online Exhibitor Service Manual?

Q:  What is the installation schedule?

Q:  What is the dismantling schedule?

Q:  Do I have to submit proof of insurance to exhibit?

Q:  How do I find out if my booth meets all regulations?

Q:  What are the restrictions for a vehicle display?

Q:  How do I find out my booth number?

Q:  I want to track the customers who visit my booth, how can I do this?

Q:  How do I order items for my booth?

Q:  Where do I ship my booth materials?

Q:  How do I get free Exhibit Passes for my clients?

Q:  What should I do if I have questions or concerns onsite?

Q:  Who do I contact to reserve a booth for the next event?

Q:  I need to contact several service providers, where can I find this information?

Q:  What kind of electrical charge might I incur for the event?

Q:  How can I get work passes for booth set-up prior to the show opening?

Q:  When can we move into our booth?

Q:  Can I set-up my own booth?

Q:  Can I use my own dolly/hand truck and move my materials in to my booth?

Q:  I shipped my materials to the event, is there a charge to have them delivered to my booth?

Q:  I have arrived at the event and forgot to order lead retrieval, carpet, electric, etc. services, what should I do?

Q:  When can we tear down our booth?

Q:  What is the Exhibitor Directory and why is it important to me?

Q:  Why is it important for me to complete my company profile as early as possible?

Q:  How do I update my company profile online?

Q:  What is the deadline to submit a company profile online?

Q:  How many exhibitor badges do I get for my company?

Q:  How do I register my booth personnel?

Q:  Where can I find my Exhibitor ID and Password?

Q:  My Exhibitor ID and Password do not work, what do I do?

Q:  I am having problems registering my booth personnel on the website, is there someone I can speak to?

Q:  I am not the primary contact but I need my companies Exhibitor ID and Password, how can I get this information?

Q:  When will I receive my badge(s)?

Q:  What are the registration hours at the event?

Q:  How do I get and attendee list?

Q:  What is the dress code for the show?

Q:  How do I obtain an International Visa Invitation Letter?

Q:  How do I book a hotel room(s)?

Q:  How do I reserve a block of rooms for our booth personnel?

Q:  Can exhibitors attend technical sessions?