SAE 2013 Fuels, Lubricants, and Aftertreatment Symposium: Achieving Fuel Economy and GHG Targets

November 18-21, 2013

Long Beach, California, USA

Hyatt Regency Long Beach
Energy and emissions regulations across the globe are mandating greater fuel efficiency and fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for passenger and commercial on-road vehicles. What are the technologies that will pave the way forward to maximizing fuel economy and minimizing GHGs? Leading specialists indicate the maturity of bio-fuels technology, the refinement of aftertreatment, and the evolution of lubricants and lubricating fluids can be critical tools in achieving and exceeding regulatory targets in the US and Globally. ONLY the SAE 2013 Fuels, Lubricants, and Aftertreatment Symposium offers you 4-days focused on these changing and growing technologies and their impact on fuel economy and emission reductions objectives.

Join other key stakeholders from Europe, North America, and Asia in the discussion – can and will these technologies play a role in our ambitions and targets? What are the challenges to implementation and adoption? What are my peers’ successes? What are their failures?

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