SAE 2015 Government/Industry Meeting

January 21-23, 2015

Washington, D.C., USA

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

2015 Government/Industry General Committee

William Craven General Chair:

We are proud to announce William Craven as the General Chairman for the SAE International 2015 Government/Industry Meeting. William Craven is General Manager of Regulatory Affairs with Daimler's Washington DC office. In this capacity he helps develop and implement corporate strategies concerning regulatory issues including vehicle safety, emissions, fuel economy and alternative fuel vehicles. Mr. Craven has over thirty years' experience in the field of alternative fuel vehicles and government relations.

Prior to joining Daimler he was Senior Manager state relations for DaimlerChrysler and located in Sacramento, California. Vice President Marketing, Electrosource. A battery company that supported electric and hybrid electric vehicle programs of most major auto companies around the world. He also helped start and became the Associate Director of the Center for Electrochemical Systems and Hydrogen Research at Texas A&M University (TAMU). The center conducted fundamental research in alternative fuels.

William the privilege of being involved with the following activities: Eagle Scout, transportation advisor to Texas Governor Ann Richards, TAMU electric Vehicle race team, University of Michigan solar car race team, generating electricity from the flowing currents of the Florida Gulf stream, started six companies based on TAMU patented technology, reintroduction of light duty diesel vehicles in the US, Partnership for a New Generation Vehicle, FreedomCAR, 21st Century Truck, H2USA and SAE Government Industry Conference.

2016 General Chair: Patrick Davis, U.S. DOE

Special Sessions Chair: Steve Ridella, NHTSA

Technical Program Chairs:
Government: Steve Summers, NHTSA
Government: Karl Simon, US EPA
Industry: Stephane Thiriez, Mitsubishi

Technical Sector Chairs:
Environment & Energy:
Government: Arman Tanman, US EPA
Government: Ken Howden, U.S. DOE
Industry: William Chernicoff, Toyota / Jim Kliesch, Honda

Government: Peter Martin, NHTSA
Industry: Will Otero, Alliance & Paul Scullion, Global Automakers

Finance Chair: Mike Cammisa, Global Automakers

Promotion Chair: Jim Alvis, Kia

SAE Washington, DC Section Chair: Leigh Merino, MEMA


  • Dave Agnew, Continental
  • Raul Arbelaez, IIHS
  • Saeed Barbat, Ford
  • Julie Becker, Alliance of Auto Mfrs.
  • Nancy Bell, Chrysler
  • Doug Campbell, Automotice Safety Council (ASC)
  • John Eichberger, Natl Assoc Convenience Stores
  • Michael Finkelstein, Consultant
  • Matthew Forman, Chrysler
  • Jason Gainey, Volkswagen
  • Steve Gehring, GM
  • Doug Greenhaus, NADA
  • Don Hillebrand, Argonne
  • Tom Hollowell, WTH Consulting, LLC
  • Ken Katz, NHTSA
  • Patrick Kelly, API
  • Andy Koblenz, NADA
  • Kunik Lee, FHWA
  • Adrian Lund, IIHS
  • Bill MacLeod, Hyundai
  • Tony Magdaleno, GM
  • Jennifer Morrison, NTSB
  • George Reagle, Consultant
  • Randa Radwan Samaha, GWU
  • Julia Rege, Global Automakers
  • Derek Rinehardt, BMW
  • Brian Routhier, US DOT
  • Dan Ryan, Mazda
  • Allen Schaeffer, Diesel Technology Forum
  • Scott Schmidt, Alliance of Auto Mfrs.
  • Dan Selke, Mercedez-Benz
  • Scott Sluder, ORNL
  • Hideki Suzuki, Honda
  • Dina Vizzaccaro, Delphi
  • Vince Williams, NHTSA
  • Bob Wimmer, Toyota
  • Kevin Wolford, AMECA
  • David Zuby, IIHS