2013 Global Powertrain Virtual Summit

December 12, 2013

Global Online Event, Pennsylvania, USA


The new and enhanced 2013 Global Powertrain Virtual Summit still offers registrants - all within the comfort of their home or office - in an online environment that includes a virtual "Exhibit Hall" with customized booths supplying products and services to the industry. Registrants also can attend webcasts -now on a broadened range of topics. Registrants can use the virtual "Resource Center" to see the latest white papers and demos.

Registrants will be able to:

  • Learn about emerging technologies, trends, and issues surrounding powertrains.
  • Gain access to thought leaders in powertrain technology at no cost and without travel.
  • Visit the virtual "Resource Center" for valuable information including the latest white papers, demos, podcasts, product information, and technical presentations.

Attend three thought-provoking "Theater Webcast Presentations" by industry leaders.

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